Review of the All New UFC Slot Machine

Review of the All New UFC Slot Machine

The UFC slot is a great example of how action-packed and exciting a modern virtual fruit machine can be. Being within such a competitive niche, and since the UFC itself is worth so much, it makes sense that their offering to the world of fighting themed slot machines is as strong as it is. It exists within a packed roster of alternatives from the world of boxing, traditional martial arts, and other combat sports. For those interested in reading more, there’s loads of additional information to be gleaned about the UFC slot machine and other fighting slots over at However, back to the title up for review today.

The UFC slot machine from Endemol packs a heavy hit with its varied bonus features which include a training mode, and Fight Night Bonus rounds. When you throw in an additional expanding “wild” symbol featuring the fighter of your choice from the league’s finest, there’s more than enough opportunity for heavyweight winnings.

The game isn’t just strong on its bonus feature content, however. It also manages to capture the sights and sounds of the octagon perfectly. The music comes courtesy of that fantastic nu-metal riff from the televised coverage of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and before starting a session, players are treated to the iconic ring announcer Bruce Buffer’s legendary catchphrase: “IT’S TIME!”

• Captures the look and feel of a UFC fight night perfectly. The visuals, the sound effects, and the soundtrack make the game unmistakeable in its branding. When coupled with thematically appropriate bonus stages, the package is as rock solid as Clinton “Rampage” Jackson himself.
• Varied and exciting bonus features. The Training Bonus and Fight Night Bonuses are potentially lucrative and thematically relevant.

• Rather low main game jackpot. The UFC slot machine only offers a paltry 1,000x the line bet to winners of the highest prize available. This amount is hardly impressive, particularly when compared with those that offer ten times the figure.
• The “select your fighter” feature at the beginning of the game has literally no impact on gameplay. Aside from a few visual differences, the UFC slot machine will play the same no matter which of the roster of greats you select before taking a spin.

Top Jackpots

As mentioned, the top jackpots on the UFC slot machine are somewhat underwhelming. They are however one of the few places in which the players selection of a fighter at the beginning of the title make any difference, and this is purely cosmetic.

The highest main game jackpots are won by matching five of the same high value symbols across a single win line. The symbols that award the largest pay outs are of course all direct references to the sport of MMA, and the UFC franchise itself. Hitting five-of-a-kind of each of these will pay the following:

• Player selected fighter “wild” = 1,000x the line bet.
• UFC Logo = 300x the line bet.
• Dark brown-haired ring girl = 300x the line bet.
• Light brown-haired ring girl = 200x the line bet.
• Bruce Buffer = 150x the line bet.
• Speed bag, or Octagon = 100x the line bet.

Regular symbols

In addition to the higher paying symbols listed above, there are also some that award lower prizes. Again, combinations of these less valuable symbols must run from left to right on a single win line, and appear on consecutive reels.

The UFC slot machine sticks with a strong trend amongst modern virtual slot machines, selecting its lower value symbols from the upper end of a standard deck of playing cards (A, K, Q, J). However, unlike most slot machines today, all these face card symbols are worth the same amount. Hitting five-of-a-kind of each will pay 50x the value of the player’s line bet. This is reflected further down the pay table too.

Look and Feel

As mentioned, the UFC slot machine stays true to the televised footage of the league it’s named after. It uses the same colour scheme, soundtrack, sound effects, characters (athletes, ring announcer, and ring girls), and features topical bonus rounds. This combines to create a game that is very loyal to its subject matter, and will certainly excite fans of the UFC who love to take a punt on the slots from time to time. In truth, it’s hard to imagine a devotee of MMA finding something to dislike about the way this machine has been presented.

Game Features

Expanding Wild

Landing one “Golden Wild” symbol in any position on the centre reel will trigger the Expanding Wild feature. During this bonus, four random symbols will disappear from the reels and are replaced with regular “wild” icons. The “Golden Wild” that triggered the feature also changes to the regular version of its symbol. Following the distribution of additional wilds, any new winnings are paid out accordingly. Players should also note that these expanding wilds can be triggered during the game’s free spin mode too.

Fight Night Bonus

If players are fortunate enough to land three UFC Belt “bonus” symbols in any position on reels one, three, and five simultaneously, they’ll trigger the Fight Night Bonus. Here, a fight is simulated between the fighter selected at the beginning, and a random opponent from the roster. Players must stop a spinning reel to select moves for their fighter and opponent. Winnings credited following the fight will depend on the player’s performance in the simulated bout.

Training Bonus

Landing three training “scatter” symbols on reels two, three, and four simultaneously will trigger the “Training Bonus”. In this feature players must beat several opponents as part of training. If they win all three stars, they’ll be awarded with bonus spins. During these free spins, if they’re fortune enough to hit another three “scatter” symbols in any position, they’ll be credited with a further fifteen free spins.

Betting Limits

Players can vary the number of win lines they bet across on the UFC slot machine, as well as how much they place per line. This gives them a large amount of control over how they spread their bets out. They can distribute their wager over many lines, or focus on just a few with a higher sum if they prefer.

Being as the machine has a maximum of 20 win lines with a minimum of one, and a maximum and minimum bet per line of £25, and 1p respectively, the lowest possible bet per spin is just 1p, and the highest a more sizeable £500.

Overall rating

The UFC slot is a great example of a modern, licensed slot machine that uses imagery, sounds, and gameplay features to remain true to the content that it’s based upon. The inclusion of Taste the Pain by Stemm as the soundtrack to punctuate every spin, and the welcome courtesy of Bruce Buffer himself provide an atmosphere that can only achieved on the most well thought-out, fully-licensed of titles.

All this is fantastic for fans of MMA and more specifically the UFC, but what about those less interested in combat sports? Fortunately, thanks to innovative and varied bonus features, the UFC slot machine can be enjoyed equally by fans of well-designed slot machines as it can those who are fanatical about the ultimate league in competitive fighting.