Vape Mods: Everything You Need to Know

Vape Mods: Everything You Need to Know

Standardization can be good in some aspects. None of us miss the days when we’d have to carry around half a dozen charging leads for all of our devices, the micro USB is certainly preferable to that. However, sometimes it’s nice to have something that fits your personal preferences. While a bespoke piece of kit is beyond the means of the majority of us, customization isn’t.

Ever since vapes hit the market people have been modifying them. In fact, an entire subculture has grown up around modifying e-liquid based vapes. These modifications range from increasing battery life to improving the density of the vapour they produce (there are even competitions based around producing huge vape clouds).

The vape modding scene doesn’t end there. The dry herb vape fans will be happy to know that their vaporizers can be modified to suit their needs with a whole cavalcade of add-ons (sadly, there is no competitive scene as of yet).

Novices may be a bit intimidated by the huge range of modifications on the market, and thanks to their niche nature, it can be tricky to find a good guide. They need not worry any more, we’re here to demystify the world of vape mods and let you find the one that suits your style!

Vape Types

A huge source of confusion in the vape world is rooted in the name ‘vape’. This name is shared by e-cigarettes and dry herb vaporizers alike. On top of this, there are many sub-categories of vaporizers that are vastly different from each other. Breaking down these is possibly the most important step when it comes to finding out what mods are available to you. This is especially important for dry herb users.

E-liquid Vapes

This type of vaporizer is possibly the most varied you could find on the market. They have dozens of different iterations but they can be broken down into 4 broad categories:

       – E-cigs: These aren’t as common as they once were. Essentially they are small, portable vapes that are designed to look similar to traditional cigarettes. Often they are disposable and have a limited life. In general, they are non-modifiable
       – Pod-Vapes: A system made famous by Juul. These are similar to the above, but they are reusable. They use a small, disposable pod to refill.
       – Vape Pens: The most common form of vaporizer at the moment. These are rechargeable, re-usable, feature an auto-cut off safety feature and use a small tank to hold their e-liquid. These are occasionally modifiable, but the mods are often limited to battery and mouthpiece replacements.
       – Box Mods: These vaporizers are the large square units you often see in the hand of experienced vapers. They tend to operate with a more robust heating system that uses a high wattage. You can swap out everything from the heating coils and vape tanks, to the entire casing.

Dry Herb Vapes

These are vastly different from e-liquid vapes, and their mods are suitably different too. Dry herb vapes use specialized heating systems that heat ground plant matter rather than e-liquid. These heating systems fall into two broad categories; conduction and convection. Conduction directly heat your herb, allowing you to enjoy it quickly. Perfect for portable vapes. Convection, on the other hand, is a bit slower but produces dense and tasty vapor packed with flavour. This type of heating system is intended for the consumer who likes to enjoy their dry herb from a desktop vaporizer. These vaporizers often have a temperature control mode, too, allowing you to adjust the quality of your vapor. On top of this, modifications are often intended for specific brands rather than vape types. That said, they fall into several broad categories.

Dry Herb Vape Mods

Dry herb vape mods don’t generally change the core functions of the unit in the same way e-cigarette vaporizers do. They instead change how you enjoy your vape experience or increase the reliability of the unit. As we mentioned above most vape mods are intended for a specific brand. This is because the dry herb vape market is far more diverse and experimental than its e-cigarette counterpart. That said, there are broad categories that these mods can fit into.

Mouth Pieces

The mouthpiece of a dry herb vape doesn’t actually change the function of the unit, but if you didn’t have one you’d certainly miss it. Generally, mouthpieces attach to the end of the airpath and are little more than a plastic tube. However, some brands offer high-quality alternatives.

Airzer, for example, offer a high-quality glass mouthpiece. Glass is a fantastic material for mouthpieces, it’s totally non-reactive, so it won’t affect the flavour of your vapour.

Other mouthpieces offer a more transformative alternative. The PAX water tool adapter allows you to change your vape experience. It allows you to connect a water tool adapter to your vape, allowing you to cool your hits, making them significantly smoother allowing you to enjoy the unique flavour of your dry herb.

Water Tools

As we mentioned above, some specialized mouthpieces allow you to attach water tools to your vape. These interesting attachments allow you to cool every hit by drawing your vapour through a glass bubbler. The Grizzly Originals glass water tool is made from high-quality borosilicate glass and allows you to cool and moisten your vapour for a smoother hit. This is perfect for people who want dense vapour but don’t want the harshness that usually entails.


This type of mod is totally different from anything you’d find on an e-liquid vaporizer. In fact, it’s totally different from anything you may have seen before. Balloons are usually made of food-safe materials and are generally found on desktop-style vaporizers. They allow you to enjoy a slightly different vape experience, giving you a bit more mobility. The Storz & Bickel Volcano is the premier example of a balloon-compatible vaporizer. It has a specially designed valve that allows you to attach the balloon. The fan in the Volcano gradually pushes vapour into the food-safe bag. When it is full, it can be detached and carried around, the valve preventing the vapour from escaping for up to 8 hours.


The most popular types of dry herb vaporizer are portable units; however, some people prefer to sit down and relax with a desktop unit. For this type of vaper, a whip attachment is a must-have. Whips are simply long flexible tubes that allow you to sit back and enjoy your vape from the comfort of a cosy recliner. The Arizer long whip kit for the Arizer Extreme Q allows you to enjoy thick and potent vapour hands-free. It features a glass mouthpiece for comfort and flavour and fits onto the vape with minimal fuss.

Concentrate Pads

Dry herb vapes have specialised heating systems are specially designed to work with plant matter. They use a special heating chamber to essentially bake herb. This also means that your vape can ONLY work with dry herb in the chamber. However, concentrate pads change this entirely and allow you to totally transform the way you vape. Concentrates are a processed type of dry herb. They are created through a process that uses solvents and vacuum pumps to extract the herb’s active ingredients into an oily substance.

Concentrate pads are essentially specialized sponges that allow you to soak up this oil so that they can be placed in a dry herb vape. These pads are especially effective in Storz & Bickel vaporizers, their hybrid heating systems evaporating the concentrates easily.


At first glance, a battery isn’t the most exciting of vaporizer mods, but a carefully selected battery can totally change the way you vape. The most popular dry herb vapes are portable units, these allow you to enjoy your herb whenever and wherever you want. Many of the most popular brands, such as Da Vinci, have a removable battery, allowing you to carry fully charged spares. A spare battery allows you to increase the range on your vape, allowing you to enjoy it far from its charging point. Other ways to increase the range of your portable vape include car chargers. These allow you to recharge your vape’s battery from the cigarette lighter in your car, perfect for long trips.

Have it Your Way

As you can see, no matter how specific your personal preferences are, there’s a way to modify your vape device to meet them. Though all of the above mods are certainly high quality it is important to remember that they are built with specific vapes in mind and aren’t universally compatible. Always make sure to check your vaporizer before you buy.

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