What are the E-cigarettes all about?

What are the E-cigarettes all about?

For the past few years, the electronic cigarettes have become a true phenomenon all over the world. The main reason for that is because they make smoking a lot easier and smokers can enjoy these cigarettes pretty much everywhere. What is the electronic cigarette actually? The answer is very simple. This is a vaporizer that is powered with battery. This vaporizer can provide some aspects that are relatable to smoking a normal or at least the usual cigarette. The E-cigarette stimulates smoking and it includes an action (hand-to-mouth just like with a normal cigarette) but there is no tobacco that’s actually burned. The E-cigarettes are just some of the things people created to replace cigarettes. Some other devices that are commonly used are vape mods and vape tanks. The main focus on this article are the electronic cigarettes. What you need to know about them, what is vaping, some famous brands that offer different E-cigarettes and how do they work.

What do the E-cigarettes look like?

The electronic cigarettes do not have tobacco but they are still classified as “tobacco” products by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). They can be found anywhere and they have a lot of different names that people sometimes find hard to understand. Not only their names are different but their shapes as well. E-cigarettes can be seen in forms like pens, USB flash drives or normal cigarettes among many different shapes and forms. Each E-cigarette has a battery with which it is charged. Once the device is turned on, the heating element will heat the E-liquid and the smoker can use that to inhale this vapor. Both words “vaping” and “vapor” are both related to inhaling the so-called “vapor” of the E-cigarette.

The definition of JUUL/JUULing

JUUL, also known as JUULing, is an extremely popular brand of E-cigarettes that is known among and used by kids, teenagers and even young adults because it’s high tech looking and it’s easy to hide as well. They have a small and sleek design that is reminiscent of an USB drive. The same USB drive is used by kids and teenagers, who smoke in restrooms and even classrooms. The reason they can do that is because the cigarette has a little vapor and it doesn’t smell so much. The USB drives can easily be charged in computers and can be hidden in the palm of the hand without anyone noticing that they are there.

What makes the E-cigarettes work?

They seem too little to be used as a cigarette but thanks to the e-liquid, the E-cigarettes can work just fine. Also known as e-juice, the liquid inside is heated and then turned to an aerosol. This aerosol is also called vapor. Instead of a burning tobacco, the smokers just inhale the vapor and it goes into their lungs.

Is it true that E-cigarettes contain nicotine?

Just like with most narcotics and drugs like cigarettes, hookah and the rest of the tobacco products, the E-cigarettes do contain nicotine and it’s thanks to the e-liquid that is in the JUULs. That doesn’t mean that the quantity of nicotine is higher than the rest. In fact, it is believed that the E-cigarettes have less nicotine than the other tobacco products. The above mentioned JUUL brand offers E-cigarettes that actually have a higher amount of nicotine in one puff than most of the other brands. Hence this company’s products can be a bit more addictive than the other E-cigarette brands on the market.

Everything about the “vapor” or “vaping”

The so-called vapor or aerosol can be very dangerous to some organs because it’s not some water vapor. The name of it might sound harmless but it could spark issues in the body system such as lung or heart diseases and even cancer. Almost all of the products that the brand JUUL has to offer, as well as most of the E-cigarettes, can contain nicotine that is harmful, especially to the teenagers and their brain development. It can also affect pregnant women and cause premature birth or, just like in most cases, babies with low birthweight.
Some of the very dangerous substances that most E-cigarettes contain are flavouring chemicals, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), propylene glycol and a lot more. They can cause infections and diseases to so many organs. The can easily affect the eyes, nose, liver and kidneys. The toxic compounds can cause headaches, throat irritation, lung or heart disease, issues with the nervous system and even cancer. Unfortunately, some brands do lie to the customers and add false information to the packaging such as no nicotine or no chemicals when in fact the same compounds are used in the product.

Are the E-cigarettes safer than the regular cigarettes?

These cigarettes are new and at the moment it’s unknown as to whether they have some healthy effects or not. There are studies, nowadays, that are focused on the E-cigarettes and other tobacco products and if they do bring something healthy to the smokers. Many people ask themselves is it safe to smoke an E-cigarette and is it better than smoking a regular cigarette? Researches show that it is actually less armful for adults. It’s mainly because the fairly new E-cigarettes do not burn or contain any tobacco that goes inside the lungs. The process of inhaling a burning tobacco can usually include about 7,000 chemicals and at least 10% of those can cause serious diseases such as cancer. Even though the health effects of the E-cigarettes are still uncertain, it’s known that they contain less chemicals than the normal cigarette.

In conclusion, the E-cigarettes contain a lot of chemicals and are still not safe to smoke. They can be the perfect replacement of the regular cigarettes but the effects could be just as harmful. Besides E-cigarettes there are also vape mods and vape tanks, however, both of them have the same effect as well. Scientists have tried various studies and researches about the E-cigarettes and all of the prove that these cigarettes can cause just as many diseases as any other tobacco product. Regardless, the E-cigarettes remain a huge part of the smokers life and they are well liked by kids, teenagers and young adults. For more information about the E-cigarettes, you can check the resources of the ACS (American Cancer Society or the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

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