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What Everybody Should Know About Sports Intelligence and Athletic IQ

Source: Ball Bearings Magazine

A basketball player always being at the right place and the right time, a soccer player on the offence choosing whether to shoot or pass and a quarterback making a split-second decision when a called play falls to pieces.

What do these different players have in common? A high athletic IQ. Sports education is graded on how an athlete adapts to solutions, performs under pressure, and their ability for quick decision-making are big parts if describing sports intelligence.

Some people believe training and skill play a role in developing athletic I.Q while others think it’s pure natural intuition or instinct. The best thing a player can do is rid themselves of the fear of failure.

The Not So Subtle Connection Between Sports & Education

If you take a quick Google, you will see many scientific research studies that show a link between academic performance and sports. The CDC released a report detailing the associations between physical activity and educational performance.

Increased sports time has either no relationship or a positive relationship with academic high-achievers. Understanding our body/mind connection is essential if you want to truly understand the power of sports intelligence.

Studying is a Forever-Task

As an athlete, your main focus may be on honing in on your skills, but you should also pay attention to living a healthy lifestyle. Part of living a balanced life means finding time for every aspect of your academic experience.

Using an essay writing service Canada, or finding a tutor in the subjects that seem to be slowing you down can help you become a winner. By focusing your time and energy on what really matters to you most (ie: playing hard and playing well) and letting professionals help you with your learning, you can avoid mental setbacks like burn-out, stress, and anxiety that often comes with feeling unprepared.

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Famous people with high Athletic IQ

A sports writer has both academic and athletic background, which they use to produce compelling pieces that cover the sports industry. The same can be said for sportsmen who play professional sports. Athletes are extraordinary people who tend to have a deep understanding of the brain/body connection.

Mental fitness is just as important to athletic IQ as fitness is. Here are a few examples of some athletes who are great players and super-smart. With sports (and in life generally) the ability to process fast and think quickly are essential to winning. These individuals are proof that participating in college sports may help achieve higher grades.

Sarah Hughes

Sarah is a figure skater who has won gold at the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. She also attended Yale University. She graduated with a degree in American Studies and works with nonprofits to promote female sports players.

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Ryan is a quarterback who is also a Harvard graduate. He scored a 1580/1600 on his SATs and has the third highest quarterback in the history of the NFL.

Steve Nash

Nash will most likely end up in the NBA Hall of Fame. He is an extraordinarily intelligent floor general in the NBA. He also created a Canadian line of gyms with the same name as him. If that’s not cool enough, he also directed an ESPN documentary about Canada’s favourite inspirational hero Terry Fox.

In A Nutshell

There is a stigma around athletes that they are meatheads, or have fuzz-for-brains. Not true. Academia and athletics go hand in hand. Science is proving that people who do well in sports have an improved increase in academic scores or it will not affect their grades at all.

If your goal is to go pro in college, then it is important to lay out a self-sustaining life plan that will keep you on track. Utilize professional services to support your academic learning if you start to feel overwhelmed.

There is no secret formula or magical potion that will make you both professional sportsmen and an academic whiz, however, training, time, and perseverance can enhance your chance.

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