What Makes a Swiss Luxury Watch So Good? The Geneva Seal

What Makes a Swiss Luxury Watch So Good? The Geneva Seal

A Swiss luxury watch like a Patek Philippe or Vacheron Constantin is known to be of the highest quality, but many don’t know why. Swiss watches are of the highest quality thanks to the strict regulations of the Geneva Seal, a seal of approval for a luxury watch made in Geneva, which can only be used if the watch with the image.

If you don’t know the Geneva Seal, here are some facts that can help you highlight this topic. The Geneva stamp is considered a high price in the watch industry and has existed since 1886. The Geneva stamp has two pieces of legislation. The first is the Law on Voluntary Control of Geneva Watches, and the second is the Regulation of Voluntary Control of Geneva Watches. These determine the criteria for awarding the seal.

In order to claim a luxury watch for the Geneva Seal, it has to meet strict requirements. Technical requirements only relate to submission requirements that must be met. Here you will find a list of the technical requirements that entitle you to a luxury watch with the Geneva quality label.

1) The correct execution of all parts of the caliber must meet the requirements of the Geneva office for voluntary watch inspection. The steel parts of the luxury watch must have polished corners, and the visible surfaces must be smooth. The screw heads must be polished, with slots and bevelled edges.

2) The entire movement must be set with ruby jewelry in polished holes, including the train and escape wheel. On the bridge side, the jewelry must be pierced with a sink polished in olive oil.
3) The hair feather must be fastened in a grooved plate with a button with a round neckline and a cap. Movable studs are also approved for use.

4) With a carrier system, divided or suitable indices are required, except for particularly fine measuring devices, where the carrier system is not required.

5) Compensation control systems with a variable turning radius are permitted provided they meet the conditions of Article 3 paragraph 1.

6) The wheels of the moving train must be bevelled at the top and bottom and have a polished sink. On wheels with a thickness of 0.15 mm or less.

7) To assemble the wheels, the spindle shafts and the surfaces of the pinion blades must be polished.
8) The escape wheel must be light. It must not exceed 0.16 mm for large sizes and 0.13 mm for sizes under 18 mm. The locking surfaces must, therefore, be polished.
9) The angle created by the pallet truck must be limited by fixed bench walls and not by pins or posts.
10) 10 shockproof movements are allowed under the sealing requirements.
11) Wire springs are not allowed.

As if these intense and complicated guidelines weren’t strict enough, there are dozens of inspection and test requirements that the watchmaker must meet before receiving the Geneva Seal. The next time someone asks why a luxury watch like a Patek Philippe watch is considered the best; fill it with the Geneva seal.

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