What to Understand About How Kratom Pills Alleviate Pain

After a vicious training session, rolling with a much stronger opponent or going the full five rounds, it’s understandable that you’re probably in some pain and are looking for some relief. Maybe you’ve heard about kratom for pain relief, but understanding exactly how it works is essential to being an informed consumer and a better fighter. Its benefits are already being trumpeted by stars like Nick “The Tooth” Gullo who claims kratom helped him reduce shoulder pain considerably.

Kratom can be a beneficial and positive part of your overall, holistic pain management process. But what exactly is kratom, how does it work, and is it safe?

Kratom is a processed leaf from a tropical tree native to Southeast Asia, the Mitragyna speciosa. In traditional medicine, it was often chewed or dried and added to teas as a form of healing. It is now legal at the federal level, although different states have varying state-wide rules.

Kratom is considered a mind-altering substance, though specific strains and doses can be specifically used strictly for pain management. The compounds in kratom bind to the same opioid receptors in the body and brain as pharmaceuticals like oxycodone or morphine—but the effects are not exactly the same.

There is not the same risk of addiction or dangerous side effects that are associated with opioids, such as very severe and painful constipation. Kratom has been used for pain relief, reducing withdrawal symptoms from opioids and other drugs, and to help with mood disorders.

How is Kratom Available?

Today, you can find kratom readily available in a variety of forms. Leaves are still available for chewing, or you can find kratom prepared as a powder, in capsule form, resins, liquids, and even as a skin patch.

Although kratom is not cannabis by any means, it is similar in the fact that it comes in many strains and potencies. The effects of kratom will depend on these factors, which is why it’s critical to only shop kratom from an informed and expert provider.

Over 1.5 billion people in the world suffer from chronic pain, and in the US, it’s the most common cause of a long-term disability. Chronic pain is more prevalent than cancer, diabetes, and heart disease combined.

Kratom is considered a mild pain reliever, capable of helping you feel physically and mentally better. As you get started on your kratom journey, it’s important to keep the many factors in mind that will help direct your choice and quantity of kratom.

Your body weight, how you’re feeling emotionally, physical health, metabolism, daily life, eating habits, and type of pain management you want will all play a role in the kratom strain and form you choose. As you can see, the best thing to do is work with a kratom expert who can help you on this journey.

Today, the most popular type of kratom is Red Kratom. It is also a great fit for beginners. Red Kratom is similar in effect to a sedative or analgesia. The higher the dose, the stronger the results. However, even higher doses don’t result in feeling confused or dizzy. It can be helpful in handling the side effects of withdrawals from narcotics and alcohol, is a mood lifter, and can help with all types of pain—mentally and physically.

In the Red

There are different types of Red Kratom, and one of the most popular for pain relief is Red Vein Kratom. This vein is derived from trees in Thailand and Bali and is well-known for being consistent and pure. There are various breeds of Red Vein Kratom, and it’s always in high demand because of its ability to balance pain management while also being energizing.

As a relaxing agent, Red Vain kratom helps with depression and stress, too. Adding it to tea or water is a great way to maximize the relaxation benefits. As an anti-addicting tool, it can be added to a regimen to help ease a person away from addiction—though keep in mind, it can be very dangerous to wean yourself off of a drug or alcohol addiction. Always follow guidelines set by your doctors or rehabilitation team.

Of course, most people seek out Red Vein Kratom because of its ability to reduce chronic pain. It’s the most popular type of kratom for pain and can be just as effective and cost-efficient as pharmaceuticals. Understanding the best type of kratom for you as well as the correct dose is the first step in reducing dependency on pharmaceuticals and reclaiming control of your life and health.

The sheer amount of kratom types can be overwhelming. Where you purchase your kratom also makes a difference, particularly since it isn’t nearly as well-regulated as medications or cannabis. Do your research and work with a trusted kratom supplier who is knowledgeable and will take the time to discuss your needs and goals with you. Kratom might be just what you’ve been looking for, but only if you’re matched with the right option.

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