Why Being Political in Today’s World is A Crime against Humanity?

Why Being Political in Today’s World is A Crime against Humanity?

We are living in a world which is unfair to most of the people living in it. The economic system is designed to benefit the rich, and so far, it hasn’t done anything revolutionary to lift the poor up. 

Due to this systematic class difference, the powerful and rich people have made their way in politics and ruthlessly manipulate the system to their benefit whenever they want to. Therefore, if you are a responsible citizen of any state, you have to make sure that you use your voice to support what is principally right and vice versa. 

Being apolitical is not a choice anymore. You either have to be with oppression or against it. Because when you choose to remain silent, here’s what happens:

It Validates the Oppression against the Oppressed 

You may think that your silence on the oppression of the less privileged is not going to harm anyone. But, it is exactly where you are wrong. If you do not speak against what is essentially wrong with the system, then sooner or later, the ruling elite will magnify their tools of oppression. So, when it happens, make no mistake in knowing that it was your silence that facilitated the oppression to happen in the first place.  

It Empowers the Oppressors and the Influential Elite 

The only pressure that the ruling elite has is the pressure of the masses. Therefore, if you choose to remain silent on something unjust, it means that you are not playing your part in creating that pressure. Consequently, it is safe to say that your silence ultimately empowers the exploitative entities of the state. Remember, if you remain silent on the injustice with a particular class thinking that it is not your war, then you are wrong. Sooner or later, you’ll be their target, and there’ll be no one to speak for you. 

It Actively Darkens the Future of Your Coming Generations 

With every action that you take in this world, you contribute something for the coming generations. But, if you are remaining silent on boiling issues of the world today, then you must know that you are actively darkening the future of generations to come. It also means that you are failing to fulfill your basic responsibility as a parent. 

So, remain anonymous if you don’t want to reveal yourself, be your own John Doe if you had to be, but speak against what is wrong and take the right side because being apolitical is simply not a choice anymore in the 21st century.

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