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Why Can’t I Leave My Abusive Marriage? How to Find the Courage to Leave

Are you living in an abusive relationship and trying to find the courage to leave?

An average of 20 people per minute are victims of physical abuse by their intimate partner. This means an estimated 10 million women and men suffer physical abuse at the hands of their partner every year.

An abusive relationship can make you doubt yourself and become pessimistic about the future, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Read on to learn how you can leave behind your abusive marriage today.

Speak to Someone You Trust

Oftentimes the abusive member of a relationship will alienate you from your support system.

While this is a common behavior and you have felt alone for a long time, you must speak to someone you trust to begin the process of leaving the relationship.

Who are some of the people you can confide in the most?

Perhaps you will turn to a parent, sibling, or close friend. To remain calm and confident in who you choose, it’s crucial that you speak to this person in complete confidentiality.

Before you begin speaking about your situation, you need to feel comfortable that what you say won’t leave your conversation.

Prepare Your Plan

Preparing a plan to leave your abusive relationship is an important part of taking the steps needed to begin your new life.

If you can’t choose someone in your life to speak to about things, consider calling a domestic abuse hotline. These services provide confidentiality and a great way to find helpful abusive relationship help you may not know about.

Sometimes, the abuse in a relationship is so bad that you may need to begin living in an abused woman shelter. This can allow you to avoid the threat of assault and battery, and begin focusing on you and your safety.

Once you escape, how will you begin the next phase of your life? Will you need a financial support system you won’t have outside of your relationship?

Considering these things before you decide to leave your relationship can help you make a successful transition.

Protect Yourself Online

In today’s digital world, protecting your identity on the internet is arguably more important than ever before.
This goes beyond seeking to shield yourself from the threat of hackers and identity thieves. Your social media profiles and browsing history can give someone an inside look into where you are and what you are doing.

If you are active on social media applications, be careful not to post things that would give away your location, whether it is a “check-in” notification or sharing pictures somewhere.

Your anonymity from an abusive partner will be a major benefit to you now and into the future.

Leave an Abusive Marriage Behind

It can take years to build up the confidence and courage to leave behind an abusive marriage.

You may feel alone at the time but there are millions of people living through something similar. They too have made it out alive and started their new life.

Be confident that recognizing the abuse in your marriage is the first step toward change.

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