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Why CBD Salves are a must have for all fighters

Everywhere you turn these days, there seems to be a topical product with CBD. From salves and lotions to creams and other serums, CBD has become a buzzword in the world of healthcare and fitness. With so many products on the market, and so much information out there, it can be easy to get lost in the world of CBD and all of its benefits. CBD is a phenomenal, natural anti-inflammatory, and as many fighters know, inflammation can be killer both inside and outside of the ring.

As a long time fitness advocate and personal trainer, I’ve looked into CBD as a tool to help speed up my recovery and to help me heal outside of training. Mixed martial arts and exercise is all about exploring your fullest potential and then pushing beyond that. On top of every day wear and tear from working my desk job, it can be difficult to keep aches and pains from training outside of my regular life. It can be even harder to hit the mat after a long day at work, CBD has helped me get over aches and pains so I can continue doing what I love most. The best product I’ve come across on the market to help me recover is Eaton Hemp’s CBD Salve.

CBD Salve, Eaton Hemp

What Exactly is A CBD Salve?

With so many different terminologies on the market, it can be difficult to understand the differences between each product and how it can work for you. In general, a “CBD salve” refers to a topical comprised of beeswax and essential oils which are then combined with CBD. Salves spread on smoothly and are highly effective at directly targeting areas of inflammation, similar to a CBD lotion. The difference between a CBD salve and a lotion is that a salve is much less complex in formulation, it really touches on the natural roots of CBD and the product itself. After all, like many trainers, it’s important to make sure we “feed the machine”, so to speak, with all natural products to keep us in the fight longer.

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How Can A CBD Salve Help With MMA?

There are plenty of ways to take CBD, and I encourage you to try them all to determine what works best for you. CBD tinctures, for example, are great at helping the deal with systemic issues such as arthritis or gastrointestinal pain. Taking CBD edibles is another great delivery method but for fighters, nothing tops a CBD topical.

Whenever I’m feeling tense on my shoulder or my hamstring went through more work than it should have, applying a small amount of Eaton Hemp’s CBD salve helps to relax the muscle so I can carry on with my day. It’s not going to fix whatever is bothering me but it is going to make it more manageable so I can make it to work on time and get back on the mat the day after a hard training session.

Things I Love About Eaton Hemp

To wrap up, here are my personal favorite selling points about Eaton Hemp’s Salve (30% off using code: MMA30):

+ USDA certified organic, natural, non-GMO products.
+ Locally owned and operated right in the heart of NY.
+ 500mg of CBD per salve with the added anti-inflammatory boost of birch bark and arnica.
+ Formulated with all natural, organic ingredients such as coconut oil, beeswax, MCT oil, andpeppermint essential oil.
+ Small and easy to put in my work bag after the gym.
+ Competitive price point and detailed third-party lab testing to ensure quality

I trust Eaton hemp as a solution for friends, family, and of course, my fellow fighters and fitness junkies. Finding an honest CBD product is hard come across these days, the team at Eaton Hemp is friendly and wellness focused. Their innovation and dedication to offering the best certified organic products on market blows me away and I know you’ll be equally impressed! It’s incredible to see how many new products the team has put together and how many more they have down the pipeline, by choosing Eaton Hemp’s Salve you’ll be helping other fighters in their network as well as their long list of affiliates who trust this brand to bring the best of the best, after all it’s what you deserve.

CBD Salve To The Rescue

I’ve fallen in love with training and the family I’ve made at my gym. Without CBD I wouldn’t be able to train as hard or as often. Eaton Hemp has helped me stay in the game and for that, I will always be grateful. With the numerous reported anti-inflammatory and wellness benefits of CBD, this might just be what the MMA community needs, I urge you to give it a try and see for yourself. Not to mention, the 3rd ranked lightweight glory kickboxer “Super” Elvis Gashi is sponsored by Eaton Hemp, and personally uses their products to help him stay at peak performance. From optimized recovery, to sleep, to reducing inflammation, Eaton Hemps products will help you be a better fighter..To honor Eaton’s commitment to fighters, they have given me a massive 30% off discount code for you to try their product. Just enter “MMA30” at checkout and you’ll save big.

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