Joe Rogan, Kratom

Why does Joe Rogan Love this Miracle Plant?

If you are a stand-up comedy fan then the name Joe Rogan won’t be new to you. The man who’s a renowned American stand-up comedian is a former actor and host. On several occasions, this mixed martial arts commentator has talked about the immense health benefits of Kratom and has dubbed it a Miracle plant in plenty of his podcasts after testifying its health benefits through hands-on experience. He admitted that he had tried different Kratom strains on several occasions and has guided about how to use Kratoms for their maximum efficacy.

Effective Uses of Kratom:

Kratom herbals are obtained from Thailand and are known for their magical health benefits and therefore are exported to several other countries.Joe Rogan has done extensive research on the usage and dosage of Kratom herbs and has stated several of the effective uses of Kratom according to the different strains available in the market. Here are some of their uses as stated by the renowned & influential comedian.

· Kratoms as Painkillers:

Management and treatment of chronic pain is not an easy deal and requires heavy medications as ordinary pain killers are usually ineffective in controlling chronic pain symptoms. However, Kratom strains are known for providing swift relief from chronic pain and help you get rid of the pain symptoms. Kratoms are highly effective in treating pain symptoms related to different forms of injuries such as sports-related injuries, accidents related injuries or injuries caused due to exercise and let you efficiently manage pain.

· Help in quitting Opiates:

Opioid addiction exposes you to plenty of side effects that are hard to control. Several pain killers have opioids and most of the time with over-usage people get hooked to opioids due to their addictive nature and have a hard time quitting Opiates. According to Joe Rogan, Kratom strains are highly effective in controlling the side effects of opioids and help people get rid of opioid addiction. Kratoms have similar effects as that of opioids but they are mild in nature and therefore aren’t addictive in nature.

· Pre-Workout supplements:

People who are gym enthusiasts often want to augment their endurance levels and according to Joe Rogan, Kratoms work efficiently as Pre-Workout supplements. People indulging in sporting activities can use Plant Kratoms before a workout for high energy production that’s directed towards improving their endurance levels. Sportspersons and bodybuilders who are aiming for an improvement in their performance can try plant Kratoms to achieve the goal of high endurance levels.

· Martial arts:

Apart from other sports and bodybuilding, Kratoms are equally effective in enhancing the energy required for martial arts. Joe Rogan who himself is a martial arts enthusiast testifies this. Kratoms improve energy levels and give a boost to the endurance levels of the people who take them and if they engage in martial arts, the energy also helps them there. Kratoms help in making people more successful in their field by making them reap plenty of health benefits of Kratoms. Moreover, people with an active outgoing lifestyle can have Kratoms to fulfill the requirements of their high-energy life.

Doses of Kratom:

The efficacy and impact of the Kratom on the user depend largely upon the dosage of the Kratom that is taken. The same Kratom will have a different effect when taken in small doses and will produce different results at high doses. Their effect varies with every single gram. Check out how they differ in the impact at low and high doses.

· High doses of Kratoms:

People who want to relax and desires for great sleep, for them, Joe Rogan recommends taking Kratoms in high doses as it will help in relaxation. So if you want to relax after a tough day, you can take advantage of Kratoms. All you have to do is to increase a bit of amount than your usual dosage and enjoy its amazing relaxing effects along with the amazing health benefits. The mind relaxing effects of the Kratoms not only are beneficial after a strenuous day but also help in relieving anxiety and stress. However, stay cautious with the amount and don’t take too much.

· Low doses of Kratoms:

Kratoms taken in low doses have stimulating effects on the mood. If you want to improve your mood and get rejuvenated then it’s recommended to take Kratom strains in low doses and enjoy their stimulating effects.

Each Kratom strain has its specific health benefits, pick the one according to your preference and lifestyle choices and bring an improvement in your overall life.

Kratoms and Creativity:

Apart from their rejuvenating and relaxing effects, Kratoms are known for stimulating the brain and enhancing cognitive functioning. Their use makes people more active and helps in augmenting their creativity. Because of their amazing health benefits, some people also refer to Kratoms as herbs of faith. Make Kratoms a part of your daily life if you want to take advantage of the health benefits associated with them.

Joe Rogan’s recommendations:

When it comes to Joe Rogan’s recommendations about Kratom, he’s an ardent advocate of Kratom strains; he uses them to manage his knee pain. He, however, warns users to stay cautious while purchasing Kratoms and advice to always buy high-quality Kratoms from reputable sellers such as Big Bear Kratom who ensure to maintain standard during packaging. He suggests staying away from sellers where you are not sure about the quality as there are chances that you may end up buying contaminated Kratoms which will do more harm than good.


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