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Why You Should Check if Your Gym Has Air Filters

Health is a big priority for a lot of people these days and not just their physical health, but their mental health as well. Both of those are closely interlinked because being in good shape can make a person feel good about themselves and having a good outlook on life can give a person the motivation they need to get healthy. There are a lot of ways to get in better physical shape because you can do so at home with the right equipment, you can go to a gym, or you can do both.

One of the most important parts of working out is the air quality because the person exercising needs clean air when they are breathing hard from working out. It is easy to control the air quality in the home but there is not a whole lot that the average person can do at a gym. That is why you need to trust that the gym where you work out keeps their HVAC system clean so that the air is as pure as possible. Clean air is important in every kind of environment, but it is especially important in gyms.

Why a Gym Needs To Have Clean Air

When you work out, you breathe harder, which means that you need more oxygen. Naturally, it is best if the air is clean because pure air circulates throughout the body more easily; if the air is polluted, then it can make it harder to breathe, which in turn makes it more difficult to exercise for longer periods of time. That means workouts in a gym with polluted air are far less efficient than workouts that take place in locations with good air quality.

The types of pollutants that you encounter in gyms with poor air quality include carbon dioxide (CO2), VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), and particulate matter. There is a lot of CO2 in gyms because that is what we expel when we exhale and with a lot of people breathing hard in an enclosed space, there is going to be a lot of CO2 in the air. VOCs are compounds like formaldehyde or acetone that are released from paint, carpeting, cleaning agents, and more. VOCs can cause skin irritation, neurotoxicity, or hepatotoxicity (liver damage). It is unlikely that there will be enough VOCs in a gym to cause the worst of those problems, but any VOCs in the air is still bad.

Particulate matter is a mixture of dirt, dust, metals, and organic chemicals, all of which are small enough to enter the nasal passage and lungs to cause breathing problems. Particulate matter is released from dead skin cells, rubber mats, and metal plates clanging together. Aside from these pollutants, gyms that are improperly cleaned can have problems with mold as well because moisture can gather in various corners and out of the way places.

How Gyms Can Ensure That Their Air is Clean

One of the ways that a gym can ensure that the air is clean is by cleaning it regularly so that dust and dirt do not build up enough to cause problems. They can also make sure that they have an HVAC system that is powerful enough to serve the number of people in the gym. The proprietors of the gym should also make sure that the HVAC system has high quality filters that can remove the majority of the pollutants from the air. Since those filters trap a lot of pollutants, they should be changed every 90 days to make sure that they do not get clogged up and that the air remains clean.

There is not much that can be done about the high level of VOCs at first because they are common with new equipment. The best thing for gym members to do is to wait about a week or so before heading to the gym if it is brand new or has recently acquired brand new equipment. That will be enough time for the new equipment to off-gas the VOCs so that they will not be circulating throughout the air anymore.

Make Sure That The Air In Your Gym Is Clean

It is extremely important for the air in your gym to be clean when you exercise, which is why you should ask the proprietors of the gym about the cleaning procedures and the air quality in the gym. Since you are going to the gym for the sake of your health, it would be bad if the air quality in your gym negatively affected your health. So make sure that your gym uses high quality air filters in its HVAC system so that the air is cleaner and safer for everyone inside.

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