Adam De Freitas

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Adam De Freitas talks Jordan Balmir bout at Tarps Off Fight Club 1

Adam De Freitas takes on Jordan Balmir at the first show for Tarps Off Fight Club. This goes down on December 18th at Scotiabank Convention Centre in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

I spoke with De Freitas ahead of this contest and excerpts from our chat are below.

Adam De Freitas

Working at Delgado Boxing, Aegis MMA, and the recent addition of 10th Planet Etobicoke

“I’ve switched up a lot of stuff. I was with Niagara Top Team for the last camp. That was just based out of the fact that I know all those coaches. They’re one of the best gyms in Ontario. Actually, Canada let’s say that. But I wasn’t working. I took time off work. So now I’m sticking to my homegrown gyms. That I tend to go to even when I’m not in fight camp. So the places you all just said and I also recently just joined 10th planet. I fell in love with my jiu-jitsu again. So 10th planet Etobicoke as well.”

“It’s not so much there was a lull period of my jiu-jitsu per se. I mean, I know Jiu-Jitsu is my strength. I always tell everyone Jiu-Jitsu is a superpower. So I always love Jiu Jitsu, but it’s been a long time since I’ve been just really consistently going to a jiu-jitsu gym. I always do my grappling at MMA gyms. Working with a lot of MMA guys but going to 10th planet, I just fell in love with just pure jiu-jitsu again. And I’ve been going pretty consistently there. So I found a home there, for sure. And it’s all No-Gi.”


Confidence in the hands as he readies to face an 11-1 pro boxer making his MMA debut on December 18th

“Yeah, especially with him. I’m also not underestimating his grappling, man. I know he’s an 11-1 boxer but I know he’s got some grappling up his sleeve. Hope he underestimates my boxing. I hope he falls into that I’m a submission specialist guy. Which I know I got my submissions, but I can play hands. I can take it and I’m training with really good boxers. Like I said, I’m at Delgado’s working with the pro boxers and the high-level amateurs. Getting rounds with them. I’m at Milton Muay Thai.”

“There’s nothing that Jordan’s gonna throw at me that I’m not getting thrown at me almost daily. So I hope he thinks I can’t play hands with him. Because I will play hands with him. Obviously, this is a striker versus grappler match. I’m not trying to play it off as if it isn’t. But I know he can grapple and I hope he knows I can throw hands. So this should be a really good fight.”

When this Tarps Off Fight Club opportunity got on his radar

“To be honest, I had no intentions of fighting in Ontario this year. Just because I didn’t trust for events not to get canceled. You know just as well as anyone getting the medicals done in Ontario is just a pain in the ass. But this event got thrown at me. I liked that they immediately came at me with Jordan. Think the guy is gonna try to fight me and hurt me. I think I’ll thrive better with a guy that’s really trying to hurt me. So I jumped on it. I definitely was heavier than usual. I was 200 plus pounds not even seven weeks ago. So I kicked it. I was still training but I was definitely heavy. So I definitely switched to high gear. I’m on weight, I’m feeling great.”

Tarps Off Fight Club

Parting thoughts for Adam De Freitas

“I’m just super happy that it’s happening in Ontario, man. I like that I’m wrong. I’m gonna apologize to everyone. I told you it’s not gonna happen. Even the BTC events when they were getting close, I was saying man, it’s not gonna happen. It’s not gonna happen. I regret being so negative. All these promoters stepping up and getting it done. The fighters and even like some of the doctors and stuff. Helping us get medicals done in Ontario. Thought it wasn’t gonna happen but the community’s getting together to make it happen. So I’m glad fighting is still around.”

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