Ali Abdelaziz says USADA is 'fake'

Ali Abdelaziz says USADA is ‘fake’

After Jon Jones’ recent USADA test provided ‘atypical’ results which forced UFC 232 to be moved to Inglewood, California, many people were not happy. Some fighters believe Jones is still on steroids, while MMA manager Ali Abdelaziz believes USADA is a complete joke.

“USADA’s a joke; USADA is fake,” Ali Abdelaziz told MMAjunkie Radio. “Everything the UFC is saying has been right. Whatever beef between him and Jon Jones is between them. Jon Jones is one of the best fighters ever, but stuff like that will haunt your legacy. Everybody follows Nevada. The UFC always follows Nevada, but now you have another commissioner, they don’t follow Nevada or they go against what Nevada do. The UFC becomes so big, and they control so many different areas in the sport and outside the sport, you can’t knock them for (relocating UFC 232).”

Ali Abdelaziz
Ali Abdelaziz

One reason why Abdelaziz does not like USADA is because punishments are different for different fighters. Tom Lawlor was suspended for two years for a similar amount of drugs in his system than Jones who only got 15 months. Although Abdelaziz believes USADA should still be apart of the UFC and play a vital role in the organization, Abdelaziz wants more transparency and fairer treatment to all fighters.

“I don’t like USADA,” Abdelaziz said. “Why even have USADA if you’re not going to even follow? You can’t give some guys a pass if you’re going to give some guys, like (Frank) Mir … two years. Some of my guys have tainted supplements, and they get two years, and other guys, they get six months. What’s the guidelines? You have to follow the same rules. Everyone thinks Jeff Novitzky, he’s the USADA. Jeff Novitzky works for the UFC. He doesn’t work for USADA. But UFC, they pay the bills. I don’t know how much integrity USADA has.”

In the end, the fight will still happen whether fighters and fans like it. Jon Jones will still be able to compete, and USADA is backing Jones that this is just residue from the suspension he already served.

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