Andre Petroski: “Our team is the best it’s ever been! Philly fighting is the best it’s ever been!”

Coming off a dominant win over the weekend at UFC Fight Night: Blachowicz vs. Rakic, according to the blossoming middleweight, Andre Petroski, “I’m 30 years old and my game just keeps getting better!”
Entering his bout with heavily favored Nick Maximov, Petroski stayed calm and poised as ever ahead of the fight, itself. For him, the warfare started before the bout ever began as Petroski waited on Maximov to tip him off to his inevitable undoing.
“We shuttled over at the same time and when he walked in, I saw it on his face man,” Petroski says. “And then when he came in the cage, I looked across and I was like ‘man, this dude don’t want to be here, man. He’s already broken,” Petroski adds. “I saw that.”
Once the bell sounded, the two had a slight feeling out process. To the surprise of Petroski, Maximov shot a lot earlier than he anticipated, giving Petroski that much more confidence. Amidst a brief scramble, Petroski didn’t take long to secure an anaconda choke, putting Maximov to sleep in what would ultimately be Petroski’s shortest bout as a professional.
“It just shows what I’m capable of with a full camp,” Petroski says. “It shows that I can improve on my weaknesses and I just keep getting better.”
Touching on the middleweight’s capabilities, it’s his team and partners at Team Daniel Gracie and John Marquez Fight Team that he credits for his increasing potential. “Our team is the best it’s ever been,” Petroski states. “Philly fighting is the best it’s ever been!”
Sustaining no injuries in his short bout with Maximov and remaining healthy, Petroski hopes to return to action as soon as possible. “I just did a two-month training camp where I trained my ass off,” Petroski says. “I’m in the best shape of my life and I didn’t take any damage so I want to utilize that!”
With success leaning in his favor, Petroski remembers the days when he dreamed, he’d be in the position that he’s in today.
“I remember I would just pray and be like, ‘God, I can’t wait for the day when I don’t have to work anymore. When fighting can pay the bills and now, that’s the case!
Tune in above as Andre Petroski joins me via MyMMANews to discuss his recent run of success. The murders-row that is Team Daniel Gracie and John Marquez Fight Team and so much more!

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