Jon Jones, UFC 232

Andy Foster explains why Jon Jones wasn’t suspended

UFC 232 was supposed to take place at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. However, on just days notice the card was moved to Inglewood, California. The reasoning was because of picogram levels of M3 metabolites in Jones system. Although steroids were in his system, USADA believed it was from back in his test from UFC 214. Although that may be the case, California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) director Andy Foster, believes Jones should have not been suspended.


“The scientists have said there was no evidence of re-administration, the evidence…when we go back and look at the testing from August until now,” Foster said in an interview with Fightful MMA. “It is indisputable that there’s been no re-administration and there’s no way to prove re-administration between July and what I believe is August of 2018, so Jon Jones, like any athlete, is afforded the presumption of innocence. That doesn’t change based on who you are, he served his time…he sat out his time and scientists say…multiple scientists have said, including the expert scientist that I used when I got Jon for the metabolite in 2017, put in writing that there’s no evidence of re-administration”

Even though scientists believe it was residue, Bellator president Scott Coker was not happy with Jones being allowed to fight. Ultimately, Foster believes if Coker saw the documents he would believe Jones was not reingesting steroids.

“I love Bellator, Scott Coker is a great promoter. Scott and I have talked about this, he’s welcome to disagree with that decision…I 100% agree that he can disagree with me. He’s not seen these documents, I would be surprised if he had the same opinion after he read those documents. Scott’s a promoter, he’s a great promoter. I’m a regulator, I’m going to let Scott promote and I’m going to do the right thing. Not based on what I feel, based on scientific evidence,” said Foster.

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