Bellator 158 London weigh-in results

Bellator 158: London – Live Results and Play by Plays

Bellator 158: London – Live Results and Play by Plays

Bellator MMA will be held at the O2 Arena in London, England today, July 16 and is headlined by the welterweight showdown between knockout artists Paul Daley and Douglas Lima.

Lima was supposed to defend his Bellator welterweight title against Daley at Bellator 134 last year — before he lost his title to Andrey Koreshkov.

Matt Mitrione will make his second promotional appearance in the co-featured slot against former Strongman champion Oli Thompson.

Spike will televise the Bellator 158 main card via delay in the United States at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT while in the U.K., Spike UK will air the violence live at 9 – 10 p.m. BST and Channel 5 from 10 p.m. to midnight.

Here is a complete break down and play by play as MyMMANews representative Geoff Stratton is on scene in London.

Fight 1 (Middleweight) – Dom Clark (blue) 7-9  Vs. Michael Shipman (red) 8-1

Referee – Mark Goddard

Round 1 – Shipman has a big crowd with him for the fight tonight, as they roared through the announcements.  Clark takes the centre, Shipman narrowly misses a front kick. Shipman stalking from the outside. The Shipman fans are chanting loudly echo’ing around the arena. Both guys taking their time, Clark stalking whilst Shipman is throwing a few jabs and low kicks to get the range. Shipman engages the clinch and misses a knee. Again both circling, Shipman looking for knees from the clinch, he’s landed one, and another. Huge knee, Clark goes down, Shipman on top with heavy ground and pound, Clark holding on but Shipman locks up an anaconda choke, rolls Clark, this is deep. It is all over!


Round 1 submission via anaconda choke Michael Shipman (W)

Fight 2 (Flyweight) – Spencer Hewitt (blue) 12-10 Vs. Pietro Menga (red) 10-0

Referee – Paul Nichols

Round 1 – Menga takes the centre as Hewitt circles. Hewitt opens with a leg kick, Menga returns. Menga misses a headkick, again both guys taking their time. HUGE left hand straight down the middle. Hewitt is out. This one is over quickly, Massive KO win for Menga over a tough veteran. Menga is defintely one to watch out for.

Pietro Menga wins via KO round 1 (72 seconds)

Fight 3 – ( Bantamweight) – Dean Garnett (blue) 7-0 Vs. Luiz Tosta (red) 8-4

Referee – Paul Nichols

Round 1 – Garnett takes the centre, Tosta has his hands low looking to bait Garnett into striking. Garnett taking his time though, Tosta circling. Body kick lands from Tosta, head kick is blocked by Garnett. Garnett with a leg kick as he’s trying to close the distance on the circling Tosta. Tosta shoots for a double, Garnett holds it briefly but Tosta gets him down. Garnett back to his feet and gets Tosta down. Both these guys are submission specialists, Garnett in half guard but Tosta shutting him down well. Garnett tries to pass but Tosta manages to regain full guard. Garnett stands up and lets Tosta back to his feet. Tosta shoots but is sprawled, Garnett on top tries to land a big overhand on Tosta on the floor but is blocked. Tosta with a wheel kick but misses, big leg kick lands from a smiling Tosta as Garnett charges him into the fence. Not much work in the clinch as Garnett is trying to secure the takedown. Tosta manages to reverse position and get Garnett down for a moment but they both get back up and separate. Tosta takes the center and attempts a flying knee thats blocked just before the round ends.

Round 2 – Touch of gloves and we’re off. Tosta hands low and a big smile welcoming Garnett on. Leg kick from Tosta is checked as Garnett works a single leg. Tosta defends and they are clinched against the cage again. Garnett trying to secure his hands to get the takedown but Tosta defends well. Knees to the thigh from Garnett, and then they separate again. Tosta jumps forward and lands a bodykick, followed by a huge leg kick. Garnett again pushes forward and presses Tosta to the fence but again unable to advance position. Tosta shoots but Garnett sprawls and they separate. Uppercut narrowly misses from Tosta as he eats a bodykcik. Tosta catches Garnett with a right hand and he goes down. Garnett doesn’t follow him as Tosta  motions him to take top position. Both standing again, Garnett stalking form the centre, Tosta’s hands still very low. Garnett closes the distance and presses Tosta into the cage who responds with an attempt at a headlock takedown, though is defended. Garnett pressing Tosta back into the cage again, Tosta defending well. Referee Paul Nichols splits them up and calls for the Doctor to have a look at Garnett due to a cut that has appeared next to his eye. All clear and we’re off again, Tosta shoots, is sprawled but switches to a beautiful judo toss, and gets top control before the round ends.

Round 3 – Both guys engage in the center after a brief feeling out period, big swings but nothing lands clean. Tosta this time lands a takedown and ends up in half guard. Light ground and pound as he tries to free himself to create space to let it rain. Garnett tries to buck him off but Tosta still remains in half guard. Tosta manges to pass into mount and lands a few shots, Garnett covering up well but almost gives up his back. Tosta still in mount but just holding position against the bucking Garnett. Garnett doing a good job of holding on and not giving Tosta and room to strike, though Tosta manages to land a couple of strikes as he pulls away. Tosta managing to land a few glancing blows from the top as Garnetts eye is bleeding heavily now. Tosta rolls and attacks the leg but lets it go although manages to regain full mount. Garnett just covering up trying to weather the storm. Tosta able to posture up for a moment and land a few more strikes. Garnett looks tired and hurt but hanging in there. Big elbows from Tosta as we come into the last ten seconds but Garnett survives. A good hard fought fight.

The judges call this one as a majority Draw (29-27 Tosta 29-28 Garnett 29-28 Garnett)

Fight 4 – ( Middleweight) – Jack Mason (blue) 29-15 Vs. Jason Radcliffe (red) 8-2

Referee – Big John Macarthy

Round 1 – Exciting bout here between veteran Jack Mason and well rounded fighter Jason Radcliffe. Touch of gloves and we’re off. Radlcliffe lands a short left hand as he engages the clinch, huge knee up the middle from Radcliffe as Mason shoots, Mason is out, this one is over.

Massive win for Jason Radcliffe early in Round 1 via knockout

Fight 5 – (Featherweight) – Nathaniel Wood (blue) 8-3 Vs. Chase Morton (red) 6-2

Referee – Paul Nichols

Round 1 – Touch of gloves and we’re off. Morton circling on the outside looking very light on his feet, Wood takes the centre and shuts him down against the fence. Morton much taller of the two, Wood doing a good job closing the distance and manages to get the fight to the floor. Wood on top in half guard, Morton shrimping to get his back against the cage, but Wood still maintaining control from the top. Morton has Woods arm tied up and is defending well, Wood is trying to create some distance to land some ground and pound. Morton manages to get his back against the cage and pushes back to his feet. Wood manages to lock his hands though and land a few knees to the thigh of Morton. Wood smothering Morton against the cage but unable to secure the takedown. Wood throwing some big knees to the thigh but they now separate. Morton takes the centre with his hands low, but not landing anything with conviction. Leg kick from Wood, Morton misses a straight right.

Round 2 – Wood opens with a big leg kick as Morton again circles with his hands low. Morton being very patient with his hands very low, doing a Michael Page style shuffle. Wood glances him with two left hands though. Morton misses a spinning heel kick. Wood using the jab to try and close the distance to set up the take down. Not much landing here, Morton hands by his hips as he takes the centre, searching for a headkick but Wood defends. Morton misses a 1-2 and lands a leg kick. Right hand lands from Morton, but Wood shakes it off. Wood shoots and presses Morton against the cage. They separate. Morton trying to get Wood to swing so he can counter, but not much action standing , Wood lands a glancing right hand as he presses forward, Headkick misses from Wood, Morton misses another 1-2. Front kick to the ribs from Morton, he’s getting a bit more active now, but still nothing landing with conviction. Round ends with Wood chasing Morton down as he circles.

Round 3 – Wood takes the centre, Morton looking for a headkick but its not there. Wood lands a big left hand as he tries to get on the inside, Morton takes it well. Morton paws a jab out but takes a leg kick for his trouble. Wood shoots a double leg, Morton defending well, but eventually gets taken down. Wood on top in full guard, works a few short elbows. Morton manages to push Wood back with his feet and almost gets back to his feet but Wood presses him back down again. Morton uses the cage to work back to his feet, but Wood smothering him against the cage and gets him down again. Wood this time locks up a guillotine, it looks tight for a moment but Morton pops out. Morton really needs to get working here as Wood is totally dominating position and pressure. Another takedown for Wood, and goes straight into mount. Wood with a few strikes before Morton tries to explode to his feet but gives up his back. Wood searching for the rear naked choke, it looks tight, this one is over.

Nathaniel Wood wins via submission (rear naked choke) late in round 3.

Fight 6 – (Middleweights) Danny Mitchell (blue) 17-7 Vs. C.J Meeks (red) 5-1

Referee – Paul Nichols

Round 1 – Touch of gloves and the taller Mitchell circles the outside before scoring a takedown. Full guard as he works some short elbows and hammerfists. Meeks throws his legs up high looking to attack from the bottom, Mitchell aware of it and defends, Mitchell postures up briefly and lands a couple of strikes, as Meeks now searches for an armbar. Mitchell defends, and we have a stalemate again on the ground. Both guys stand up but Mitchell clips Meeks with a right hand and pushes him back to the ground. Meeks uses the cage to stand up and manages to sweep Mitchell onto his back. Meeks on top now in full guard. Unable to get anything going he stands up, only to be double legged by Mitchell and end up on his back again. Mitchell pumping his left hand into the ribs and face of Meeks but nothing landing with serious impact. Meeks pushes to stand up and Mitchell searches for a guillotine. It’s not there though, but Meeks gives up his back and Mitchell is searching for a twister. It looks tight, and Meeks taps. Unbelievable rare twister submission win, great stoppage.

Fantastic win by Danny Mitchell, who takes this via submission in round 1 (twister)

Fight 7 – (Heavyweights) Neil Grove (blue) 12-7-1 Vs. James Mulheron (red) 8-1

Referee – Mark Goddard

Round 1 – The big boys are off. Neil Grove took this fight on a few weeks notice to make his return to the Bellator cage. Both guys circling, the taller Grove on the outside, lands a jab on the very stocky Mulheron. Grove pushes forward, swinging his well known huge left hand. Grove misses the left hand and gets caught with a huge punch from Mulheron, he’s gone down and Mulheron is pumping the his left hand into Groves face, Grove manages to somehow survive and get this back to the feet. Mulheron misses a wheel kick. Huge right hand glances Groves head, Mulheron lands another two massive punches but Grove takes them like a warrior. Mulheron launching giant overhand rights but Grove soaks them up and lands a massive knee of his own. Mulheron just walks through it and presses forward. Mulheron searching for the overhand right, Grove for the knee. Incredible fight so far, right hand from Mulheron and Grove goes down. Mulheron with a few big elbows from the top before the round ends.

Round 2 – Mulheron pushes forward straight away with a huge right hand that lands but Grove soaks it up and lands a massive knee right to the chin of Mulheron. Mulheron just shakes it off, the man is built like a Sherman tank, both guys exchange jabs, before a couple of big haymakers miss from Mulheron. Grove eats another overhand right but still stands, Grove with the Thai clinch, fakes a knee and lands a big elbow. Mulheron explodes with punches and a spinning back fist whilst Grove is against the cage. Both guys swining hammers at eachother, Mulheron slightly getting the better of the exchanges as Grove tries to use the thai clinch to land another big knee. Mulheron with a right hand to the body, Grove bleeding heavily from his nose. Grove now with some big punches, but Mulheron shakes them off. Grove lands a couple of big elbows, Mulheron with a massive left and right hook. These guys are just slugging away. Last ten seconds and Mulheron has Grove pressed against the cage.

Round 3 – Leg kick from Grove, Mulheron leaps forward with a big left hand, Grove defends. Another leg kick from Grove, big leg kick again from Grove and Mulheron slips. Mulheron back up and presses Grove into the cage. Spinning backfist lands form Mulheron, Grove covering up as Mulheron unloads, but Grove now fires back with a few heavy punches to give himself some space. Grove searching for knees from the thai clinch but Mulheron is defending well. It’s become a war of attrition now as Mulheron is pressing Grove into the cage. Left hook lands for Mulheron, Grove with a short elbow. Both guys slowing down a little now but i’m not surprised as they have thrown some serious leather at eachother for 13 minutes so far. Grove needs to do something to turn the favour towards himself, but Mulheron is very stalwart in keeping Grove against the cage. Grove trying to land another elbow, Mulheron sees it. The fight ends with Mulheron controlling Grove against the cage.

James Mulheron wins via Unanimous decision in an absolutely fantastic fight.

Fight 8 – (Middleweights) – Manuel Garcia (blue) 27-19 Vs. Alex Reid (red) 11-9-1

Referee – Big John Macarthy

Round 1 – Reid eats a leg kick straight away, Garcia moving well. Reid presses forward with punches but Garcia slams him down to the ground. Reid almost locks up an armbar but Garcia pounds his way out of it. Reid gets his back against the cage and tries to stand but Garcia postures over him and unloads a few more strikes before securing Reids neck. Garcia trying to work the guillotine but doesn’t look like he has the leverage and lets go. Reid unable to get back to his feet and is eating punches whilst sat against the cage. He pushes to his feet only to be taken down again. Garcia dominating him from the top, but Reid does well get back to his feet. Huge suplex again from Garcia, and he’s on top raining ground and pound. Reid is looking outclasssed on the ground as he’s trying to throw strikes back from the bottom and laughing but Garcia controls him. Reid rolls for an armbar but Garcia shrugs him off. Garcia now in half guard, and landing some short strikes from the top. Garcia lets Reid up with ten seconds remaining and they trade strikes with nothing serious landing.

Round 2 – Garcia gets the takedown again but Reid works his way back to his feet. Reid lands a few strikes that gets the crowd going before getting taken down again. Garcia very nearly lands an illegal knee but only glances and he lands a left and right. Reid trying to press to his feet but Garcia is smothering him. Reid manages to reverse position and start landing some ground and pound of his own. The crowd are going crazy, Reid gets carried away though and Garcia manages to sweep him. Garcia straight into full mount and more ground and pound. Reid tries to roll but Garcia pins him down and lands several short lefts. Round ends with Garcia on top pounding away with short hammer fists.

Round 3 – Reid takes the centre and presses forward with punches, he backs Garcia up as he glances with a few shots. Garcia waits for the right moment and lands a big takedown in return. Both guys looking tired now, Garcia holding Reid down but not doing much with the position. Reid manages to get back to his feet and throws a few big punches but nothing lands before Garcia gets him down again. Garcia smothering form the top but not doing much with the position. Garcia looks for another guillotine as Reid tries to get back to his feet, but I think he will struggle to get the leverage for the finish. Reid ops his head out and gets back to his feet, Garcia lands a big 1-2 though before shooting on Reid again. Big John Macarthy separates them and they exchange a couple of punches before Garcia lands another takedown.

Manuel Garcia wins via unanimous decision in a very dominating performance.


Main Card

Fight 9 – (Catchweight) 148lbs – Mike Cutting (blue) 6-5  Vs. James Gallagher (red) 3-0

Referee – Big John Macarthy

Round 1 –  Gallagher takes the centre and walks down Cutting. Gallagher is a training partner of Conor Mcgregors and shares a similar wide stance. Though, he immediately goes for a takedown and puts Cutting on his back against the cage. Gallagher looks for a guilltoine but it isn’t there so he switches position and manages to impressively take Cuttings back. Cutting struggling to get Gallagher off him, Gallagher riding Cutting like a mechanical bull whilst landing strikes. Cutting unable to get out from this position as Gallagher just saps away at his energy with strikes and back control. Gallagher gets bucked off though and Cutting ends up on top for a moment but Gallagher reverses impressively. Gallagher goes for an armbar and rolls on his back but Cutting escapes and now he’s on top again. Cutting tries to stand but Gallagher attacks his leg, though in the process eats some heavy ground and pound from Cutting just as the round ends.

Round 2 – Cutting lands a leg kick to start the round as Gallagher tries to stalk him down. Nice body kick lands from Cutting as well. Gallagher taking his time, misses a karate style side kick. Cutting with a lot of movement, doing a bit of the Khalib Starnes running man at the moment. Cutting dancing around as the crowd starts chanting, he’s waving Gallagher on as Cutting glances him with a high kick,. Gallagher with some heavy punches though forcing Cutting back on his bike. Leg kick from Cutting but he looks afraid to engage with Gallagher, Big John steps in and warns him for not engaging. Another leg kick from cutting, high kick blocked. Gallagher explodes and lands a nice straight right hand. Cutting smiles as he dodges a spinning heel kick. Cutting with another leg kick, scoring points but not doing much damage. Gallagher rushes forward with a one two before taking Cutting down with ease. Shoulder strikes from Gallagher from the top as cutting rolls for an arm bar. He doesn’t have it, Gallagher now in side control, look for an arm of his own. Cutting explodes to escape but Gallagher pounces on his back and starts landing some ground and pound before the round ends.

Round 3 – Cutting with a leg kick but eats a straight right. Cutting holding his ground more this round, but Gallagher still walking him down. Cutting nearly lands a spinning heel kick of his own, but Gallagher blocks. Not much action, Cutting with a few leg kicks but nothing landing of note. Again glances with a spinning heel kick. Cutting now back on his bike backing up and keeping distance between him and Gallagher. Gallagher leaps forward and catches a Cutting kick and gets him to the ground. Cutting attacks with an armbar but he doesn’t have the leverage as he’s stacked against the cage. Gallagher looks very relaxed in top position. Cutting looks for an inverted triangle but it’s defended.

Not much action as the round ends. Easy win for James Gallagher as Mike Cutting didn’t really want to engage with him.

James Gallagher wins via unanimous decision



Fight 10 – (Welterweight) – Cyborg Santos (blue) 21-17 Vs. Michael Venom Page (red) 10-0

Referee – Big John Macarthy

Round 1 – MVP comes out to huge chants of MVP. The entire crowd is chanting as MVP starts with a fast combination. MVP has his hands down by his knees and is doing his trademark dance, searching for the straight jab. Cyborg isn’t buying the bait, MVP leaps forward though and throws Cyborg to the ground and backs up to let him stragiht back up. The speed of MVP is unreal, he seems to skate from one side of the cage to the other in seconds. This time Cyborg catches him in between his footwork and manages to secure a takedown. MVP manges to push his way back to his feet though and Cyborg pressures him against the cage for another takedown. Cyborg in half guard but MVP attacks his leg. He’s rolling for a kneebar, Cyborg sees it and escapes, back to full guard. Cyborg passes to side control, and is working for a crucifix. MVP defends but Cyborg still in side control, Cyborg controls the position and lands a few light strikes before the round ends.

Round 2 – MVP takes the centre and lands a few jabs before narrowly missing a flying knee. Cyborg not buying the bait of MVP’s low hands and not being sucked into getting countered. Cyborg taking his time defending the lunging jabs of MVP. The crowd chanting MVP again, as he attempts another aerial kick, but Cyborg narrowly dodges it. Cyborg yet to let any of his own strikes go as he keeps his hands high and defends against the unorthodox striking of MVP. Cyborg lets a big right hand go but misses. MVP is goading Cyborg to swing, but he’s not buying it. MVP comes forward with a couple of punches, Cyborg misses a spinning back fist. MVP is doing his usual dance of death before landing a heavy body kick, Cyborg is hurt as he is covering his body where that kick just landed. MVP now lets a high kick go but Cyborg defends. Cyborg misses with a leg kick. MVP again dancing, and out of NOWHERE a HUGE flying knee from MVP and Cyborg is out. MVP stands and watches him fall to the ground for another walkaway knockout.

Michael Venom Page wins via Knockout in round 2 (flying knee)

Fight 11 – (Light Heavyweight) – Lukasz Klinger (blue) 7-2 Vs. Francis Carmont (red)  24-11 Vs.

Referee – Mark Goddard

Round 1 – Klinger takes the centre, Carmont with a very low stance as he lands a couple of jabs. Carmont just misses with an overhand right. Carmont pushes forward and secures a takedown. Carmont working from the top position but Klinger doing a good job of tying him up. Klinger trying to push back to his feet but Carmont is smothering him currently. Carmont in side control, though Klinger manages to turn and get back to full guard. Carmont, again applies from pressure and locks up an arm in guillotine. It’s all over


Francis Carmont wins via Submission (guillotine) Round 1

Fight 12 – (Heavyweight) Oli Thompson (blue) 17-8 Vs. Matt Mitrione 10-5 (red)

Referee – Mark Goddard

Round 1 – Both guys take the centre and start trading early. Thompson lands a decent left whilst Mitrione misses with a huge right. Mitrione now presses forward and lands a massive right hand though Thompson takes it and they both swing for the fences before tying up. Mitrione breaks and lands another huge flurry of punches and a big knee though Thompsons jaw is still holding up. Thompson misses with a takedown, and Mitrione presses him against the cage, More knees and strikes from Mitrione but Thompson explodes and lands a couple of hooks which wobbles Mitrione. Thompson pressing forward now and lands another couple of punches before shooting for a double leg. Mitrione shrugs the takedown off easily and presses Thompson into the cage. A couple more punches exchange but nothing landing with conviction before the round ends.

Round 2 – Both guys take the centre and paw jabs at eachother before Mitrione lands a straight right. Thompson has his hands down and is talking to Mitrione. Mitrione is just pressing forward with straight punches though. Thompson now with a haymaker thats blocked. Exchange of jabs, before Thompson lands a stiff right. Leg kick from Mitrione, Short straight right lands from Mitrione, leg kick as well. Thompson swinging some big hooks but not landing. Mitrione now presses forward and gets Thompson against the cage before unloading with some heavy punches, several land before Thompson explodes himself and clips Mitrione with a couple of big shots forcing him to ease off. This is one hell of a fight so far, Mitrione controlling Thompson against the cage, they seperate and Mitrione lands an enormous right hand across the chin of Thompson who seems to freeze for a moment before Mitrione follows up and Thompson falls face first into the floor. Great fight and a great win for Matt Mitrione.

Matt Mitrione wins via Knockout in round 2

Fight 13 – (Welterweight) Douglas Lima (blue)  26-6 Vs. Paul Daley (red) 38-13

Round 1 – Daley with a huge swing but misses and Lima clips him with a counter, Daley with another big right hand but Lima hits him with a straight right in the chin, Daley goes down and Lima rains ground and pound. Daley looks in trouble, but manages to recover and uses the cage to press himself back to his feet. Lima keeps him pressed against the cage, Daley wants to create distance to strike. They separate and Daley lands a right hand, but is returned as Lima presses Daley into the cage. Lima holds him there briefly but Daley pushes him off. Daley throws the left hook but gets caught by a big uppercut as he comes forward. Lima looking very sharp on the counter strikes. Daley lands a big left hook before the round ends but Lima shrugs it off

Round 2 – Slower start to this round, Daley lands a leg kick but Lima with a big left hand. Lima looking very dangerous at the moment, Daley unable to land his power, the counter shots of Lima are too fast an accurate. Again, another left hand lands from Lima. Daley looks like he’s loading up on his shots a little too much and Lima is capitalising. Front kick misses from Lima, but he gets the clinch and spins Daley into the cage. Daley manages to break free though, Daley now getting a bit of momentum going as he presses forward with punches, Lima covers up but sneaks a counter left hook through. Lima lands another big punch this time Daley is wobbled as Lima comes forward with a big uppercut looking to get the finish. Daley in survival mode now as he shoots for a takdeown. Lima sprawls and ends up on top throwing some heavy ground and pound. Daley somehow survives and gets back to his feet. Daley stalking the centre throwing with conviction, Lima covers up well. Big right hand lands for Daley which wobbles Lima, who immediately fires back with a combo that wobbles Daley, Lima takes him down and ends the round with some ground and pound

Round 3 – Final round and Daley needs something special to happen here. Daley takes the centre and works the jab, Lima looks composed, and lands a left hand followed by a hook. Leg kick from Lima, Daley stalking waiting to counter. Daley lands a big left hand, but now Lima shoots and secures a takedown. Lima in half guard. Lima landing light ground and pound but mainly controlling position. Daley sweeps him impressively, only to be swept in return a second later. Lima back in half guard with 50 seconds left. Lima works some light ground and pound but mainly controls position till the finish.


Douglas Lima wins via impressive unanimous decision

Official Bellator 158: London Results:

Paul Daley vs. Douglas Lima – Douglas Lima wins via unanimous decision
Matt Mitrione vs. Oli Thompson – Matt Mitrione wins via Knockout in Round 2
Michael Page vs. Cyborg Santos – Michael Page wins via Knockout (flying knee) Round 2
Lukasz Klinger vs. Francis Carmont – Francis Carmont wins via Round 1 guillotine
James Gallagher vs. Mike Cutting – James Gallagher wins via unanimous decision
Neil Grove vs. James Mulheron – James Mulheron wins via unanimous decision
Mike Shipman vs. Dom Clark – Mike Shipman Wins via Knockout in Round 1
Pietro Menga vs. Spencer Hewitt – Pietro Menga wins via Knockout in Round 1
Luiz Tosta vs. Dean Garnett – Luiz Tosta and Dean Garnett fight to a majority draw
Jason Radcliffe vs. Jack Mason – Jason Radcliffe wins via Knockout in round 1
Chase Morton vs. Nathaniel Wood – Nathaniel Wood wins via Rear Naked Choke in Round 3
Alex Reid vs. Manuel Garcia – Manuel Garcia wins via unanimous decision
C.J. Meeks vs. Danny Mitchell – Danny Mitchell wins via Twister in Round 1


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