Bellator 260: Lucas Brennan and Tywan Claxton quotes

Bellator 260 goes down Friday, June 11th from Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut. The event broadcasts on Showtime. I spoke with Lucas Brennan and Tywan Claxton ahead of their respective prizefights on this Bellator MMA card.

Lucas Brennan and Tywan Claxton

Lucas Brennan excerpt

You’re on your individual journey and everything like that. But just having someone like your dad (Chris Brennan) in your corner there; a veteran of UFC and Pride.

Can you kind of talk about that dynamic as you’re on this individual journey?

“I mean it’s helpful in the sense that I have a coach that has that experience. I have seven fights total, you know. That’s someone with an extreme number of fights and experience. So it’s someone that you can handle that information with and someone to switch that information with. Learn from while also being someone that you live with. It’s not someone that I split from every day. So it’s a good dynamic.”

Tywan Claxton excerpt

A lot has been made about alterations with the camp and stuff like that.

I’m kind of curious, have you been keeping up with any of the coding endeavors as of late?

“So, actually I have. I’ve been coding a lot. But for this fight camp for the past nine weeks, my team convinced me to be one-tracked while I’m in fight camp. So usually I’ll get up, I’ll code for three or four hours and then I’ll go train. Go eat, go train, go eat. Then go back home and maybe code or maybe chill depending on how I’m feeling. But this camp, my coaches were like ‘hey man, can you cut the coding down to just the weekend?’. And I was like, ‘Uh, I’m not sure’.”

“Everything that I do in this life, I do for money. I fight for money. Code because it pays. I don’t do anything to be necessarily the best. Like I’m not looking to get a belt. If I do get a belt or I do get a title shot, of course I’m looking to be the best version of myself that day. That’s that. But throughout this camp, I’ve been doing like, maybe on a Wednesday, which is one of my lighter days, I do like an hour. Maybe on a Saturday, I do like an hour.”

“I used to have minimum hours that I was going to code a day. And so now I don’t have any minimum, or at least while I’m in camp I don’t have a minimum. I cut my coding down 98 percent. Just because that’s something that my coaches asked me to do. I said ‘alright, you know, I’ll give it a shot. I’ll see what happens when we’re one track’. We’ll see how much growth we can have. So I’ve actually been really, really lax on my coding.”

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