Brave 15 results

Brave 15 results – First global mixed martial arts event in Colombia

Brave Combat Federation hosted the first ever global mixed martial arts event in the history of Colombia at the Coliseo Bicentenario in Bucaramanga, Colombia. Brave 15 featured fighters from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Mexico. In a fight card that featured seven bouts, six fights were finished in the very first round. Featuring a card full of the promotion’s South American stars, this event holds real implications in multiple divisions of the organisation. Brazil dominated the fight card winning all the seven fights and ushered the arrival of new blood in the promotion.

Godofredo Pepey made it seven-for-seven for Brazilians finishing the main event at Brave 15 with a submission victory. Pepey’s controlled his opponent, UFC vet Alexander Torres from the very beginning. Pepey slid to the back and sunk in a standing body triangle from back mount. As soon as Torres overcame the position, Pepey trapped Torres in an armbar sealing his victory in his first bout outside the UFC since 2011.

In the co-main event, Gabriel Miranda proved to the division why he is the breakout star to look forward to. Miranda scored his 13th win in his professional career improving the tally of wins by submission to 12. Fernando Noriega lost foot during a takedown attempt in the opening seconds of the bout. Noriega found himself caught in a guillotine during the stage. As seconds passed Noriega went deep into the submission with no chance to escape and finally gave up as he tapped out at 1:12 of round 1.

Cleiton Silva returned after a dominant debut in the promotion. Having an impressive reach advantage over Marcelo Busto, Silva maintained the distance forcing Busto to be on the defensive. Silva went for the kill as he took the game to the mat. Silva went for the RNC to capture his second victory. Ricardo Tirloni proved yet again his dominance with a ruthless performance against Ramon Cardozo. Tirloni pursued intelligently, slipping Cardozo’s big shots and firing back with precision. During round 2, Tirloni charged in with huge shots on his way to the takedown. As the Cardozo went down, Tirloni wrapped up an anaconda choke to submit Cardozo.

Meanwhile Geraldo Coelho came back from an armbar attempt in the very first round. Geraldo started reigning fire connecting a pair of short right hands to the temple followed by a crowning left hook that left the 300 Sparta MMA Peru champ knocked out. Geraldo Coelho, picked up a fifth win in his last six fights, all by finish. Colombian regionals champion, Diego Otalora was rocked by a leg kick and right hook in the opening minute against Mauricio Reis. Otalora persisted and used a judo toss to chuck Mauricio Reis to the ground when the Brazilian rushed to finish. Reis rolled for a leglock that earned an instant scream of submission from the home favourite. Decisive work from Mauricio Reis on hostile terrain, who was emotional about coming through in this crossroads bout on the Brave CF big stage. In the opening bout, Matias Juarez was under fire from within the first round. Eduardo Garvon took him to the mat and started ground and pound. When Juarez gave his back, Garvon wrapped an RNC to secure the victory.

Brave Combat Federation has announced that Brave 16 will take place on 21st September at the Mubadala Arena in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Results: Brave 15 – Bucaramanga, Colombia

Godofredo “Pepey” Castro defeats Alex “Rolo” Torres by submission (Armbar) in the first round
Gabriel Miranda defeats Fernando Noriega by submission (Guillotine choke) in the first round (1:12)
Cleiton Silva defeats Marcelo Bustos by submission (RNC) in the first round (2:15)
Ricardo Tirloni defeats Ramon Cardozo by submission (Anaconda choke) in the second round (0:20)
Geraldo “Luan Santana” defeats Jaime “Instinto” Cordova by knock out in the first round (1:20)
Mauricio Reis defeats Mauricio Otalora by submission (Foot lock) in the first round (2:50)
Eduardo Garvon defeated Matias Juarez by submission (RNC) in the first round

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