Buck Cooper

Buck Cooper, amputee competing in MMA – “My testicles were hanging out”

Buck Cooper, a mixed martial artist from Little Forest, New South Wales, Australia, was involved in a horrific dirt bike accident 11 years ago, with injuries so bad they left him begging police to shoot him to end the pain.

“I remember I froze for a bit then looked down and my leg was completely torn off,” Cooper said.

“I started screaming. I had my guts hanging out, pelvis was shattered, parts of me that were meant to be inside of me weren’t.

“My testicles were hanging out, luckily I still have them though.”

Cooper died numerous times in the ambulance but was revived by paramedics.

Two months after his accident, Cooper was released from the hospital along with a new prosthetic leg.

In an attempt to rehabilitate himself, Buck Cooper began training mixed martial arts.

“As a kid I did karate and trained a bit of MMA and all that sort of stuff. I found that helped me just get my strength and helped me get through the process,” he said.

On June 1, Cooper will face Glenn Dickson in the first amputee MMA bout in Cairns.

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