CCMMA Podcast – Al Marro; Boxing vs. MMA, Helping Youth Learn to Box, Depression, YouTuber

Al “The Postmaster” Marro joined Carroll’s Corner MMA Podcast this week to discuss numerous topics. At only 22-years old, this young man speaks truths full of wisdom far beyond his age. During the podcast, we spoke about numerous topics, including Boxing vs. MMA, his work helping troubled youth learn how to box and raising money to continue supporting the youth, his boxing/MMA career, battling depression throughout his daily life, and his YouTube Channel, Thee Combat Corporation.

“The Postmaster” is currently working with a former boxing coach, Willie “Coach” Wilson, to help struggling youth stay off the streets by teaching them boxing. Marro’s former coach has been financially supporting this non-profit, which is why Marro has decided to create a GoFundMe page where donations can be made to help the youth. All donations go to supplies for the kids.

We also discussed boxing in-depth. Marro has a strong background in the sport of boxing. We talked about MMA vs. boxing since he has participated in both sports, Wilder vs. Fury rematch, the differences in the sport and much more.

Marro courageously spoke to me about his recent video post on Facebook, where he talks about celebrating his one-year anniversary of battling with depression. This young man touches on a subject so many shy away from, yet so many suffer from. Al Marro’s strength talking about his depression will, in fact, help children and adults battle their depression.

Rounding out our conversation, I asked what inspired Marro’s YouTube channel, Thee Combat Corporation. He is steadily building the channel with great content, bringing fans boxing glove reviews, boxing bout breakdowns, and technique reviews. Visit, Subscribe and like his channel and videos.

In addition to everything else we spoke about, we also talked about Cage Wars, the Albany based MMA Promotion. Cage Wars 46 is taking place on April 10, and Marro mentions he wants to be on the fight card. Marro also mentions two fighters he would like to fight, including James Carroll.

Watch and listen to the whole episode with Marro. This young man is beloved by all who encounter him. He’s full of information far beyond his years and is helping mold the youth and future of combat sports.


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Kyle Carroll
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