Cody Garbrandt in GEICO commercial

WATCH: UFC bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt in GEICO commercial

WATCH:  UFC bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt in GEICO commercial

If you are UFC Champion Cody Garbrandt, you tap out when things get uncomfortable, it’s what you do.

“No Love” Garbrandt defeated Dominick Cruz for the UFC bantamweight title by way of unanimous decision on December 30, 2016 at UFC 207.

The first round was a very strong five-minutes for the challenger in Garbrandt.  He repeatedly tagged the champion over and over again. In the second round the champion regained some momentum, possibly winning the round but it was early in the third round that an accidental headbutt opened up the champion, and it was bad.  The two men continued to talk trash and batter each other in a pretty much even contest headed into the fourth.

Early in the fourth Garbrandt clipped the champion with a big overhand right and knocked the champion down. Garbrandt made a mistake in not jumping on the opportunity, instead he pointed at Cruz as if he was out, and the champ somehow managed to get to his feet and get back up.  The challenger would knocked the champion down two or three more times in the round and mocked Cruz throughout.  Huge fourth round for Garbrandt.

In the fifth and final round the champion picked up the pace but it was likely too little too late.  The fight would go to the judges and surprisingly the two combatants who seemed to be bitter enemies hugged it out before the decision was read.  Garbrandt is the new UFC bantamweight champion of the world.

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