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Combat Sports Personalities Celebrate Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, from the family to you and yours.

Here’s how a few of the combat sports personalities celebrated the day including some of those competing tomorrow at the PFL World Championships 2023.

Kayla Harrison

Matt Brown

Tell me I’m wrong… Turkey=shit (except for deli meat) Happy Thanksgiving anyways! Enjoy your families and football!


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Robbie Lawler

Happy Thanksgiving. Grateful for my career and everyone that has been along for the ride 🙏


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‘Platinum’ Mike Perry

Wya George ? georgesstpierre @nickdiaz209 voice, happy thanks giving everybody! Christmas come early this year ! December 2nd ! Saturday next week, I’m looking to be officially crowned as the #KingOfViolence seems fitting ! Cutting weight on thanksgiving, praying for Gods glory to shine on me ! The best is yet to come ! #Platinum #Physique #Tree #Thanksgiving #Christmas #Fyp #Boxing #Bkb #BKF #Lifestyle #fwm #fym #Fam #team #work #make #the #dream #work

Amber Nichole Miller

Happy Thanksgiving 🍁🦃🍽 Making a citrus, turkey, oranges, apples, butter, and also making a ham. What are your must have Thanksgiving I love, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, deviled eggs, cranberries, stuffing, and mashed taters. How about you?

Rachael Ostovich

I put the “ass” in casserole. 🤣😩🤣 Giving you one more thing to be thankful for… 😏🦃 Hope everyone has a happy thanksgiving!


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Maryna Moroz

Happy Thanksgiving! 😘
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