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CROSSNET Four Square Meets Volleyball

CROSSNET – Four Square Meets Volleyball

CROSSNET, the world’s first official four square volleyball game, is taking over beaches, backyards and classrooms across the country.

Four square is a millennial childhood game, played by four people on a divided court, with a rubber ball. Crossnet puts a twist incorporating volleyball, by bringing the game to the air.

The game is set at the correct height with 4 players in total, one in each square. If there are additional players, they must form a line along the outside area of square 1. The player in the 4 square always serves to the player in the 2 square. The 2 square can then return the ball to any other player. The player that misplays the ball is eliminated from the round and must join the end of the line. All players will then rotate. The 4 square scores a point every time the ball is miss-played. The game is played until 1 player has reached 11 points, declaring them the winner.

CROSSNET is designed to be played by individuals of any skill level or age. With the detachable zipper net, the game transforms into a three-way net for volleyball skills and drills. Crossnet can also be used as a traditional warm up for competitive volleyballers.

With an indoor version releasing later this winter, both indoor and outdoor models are perfect for your gym class, a trip to the beach, tailgate, or backyard!

Our goal is for CROSSNET to grow into a household name for not only volleyball lovers, but athletes and sport lovers.

Our curriculum guide on our website features 10 great lessons to have students actively using and looking forward to the game.

Looking to bring Crossnet to your gym? Fill out our form on to receive discounted pricing!

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