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Dustin Poirier’s Dream Fight: The UFC 300 Fantasy He Wishes to Become Reality

The most recent occurrence of Dustin Poirier’s presence in the Octagon, captivating UFC enthusiasts with his unparalleled abilities, was at UFC 291. He engaged in an intense battle with Justin Gaethje, who is widely recognized as one of the most skilled fighters in the lightweight division, and the bout was contested for the prestigious BMF championship.

The war was exhilarating – to say the least – for the duration it endured. Ultimately, Gaethje emerged victorious in the bout, while Poirier left the contest without any tangible gains.

Currently, there are indications that ‘The Diamond’ is becoming increasingly agitated and could be strategizing a remarkable comeback.

UFC 300: A Dream Come True

Following his defeat on July 30th, Poirier has been absent from the public eye. He has temporarily withdrawn from participation in the UFC, prompting speculation among observers on the anticipated timing of his return. During a recent interview, the man who previously had the interim lightweight championship was queried on this matter, prompting Poirier to propose a thought-provoking suggestion to the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Undoubtedly, Dustin Poirier stands as one of the most prominent figures in the current UFC roster. Possessing an extensive and impressive MMA curriculum vitae, he’s twice contended for the divisional championship and pursued the BMF crown but fell short in all three instances.

Can these achievements sufficiently secure his inclusion on the UFC 300 roster? If given the choice, Poirier would readily embrace the chance. And if fans had a say in the matter, we already know the hype is building, specifically among sports bettors who are already speculating potential opponents and betting lines.

With a Caesars sportsbook promo code in hand, no matter who the opponent may be, we can guarantee that fans of the sport will be flocking to the betting window.

Poirier on the MMA Hour

During a recent interview conducted on The MMA Hour, Poirier discussed the factors that might pique his interest in resuming his participation in competitive events. The disclosure made by the individual in question has served as a warning to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and its Chief Executive Officer, Dana White. Poirier has asserted that his comeback is motivated by a desire for only two specific objectives.

Poirier articulated his intention to engage in a bout with the sole objective of reinstating his position as a viable contender for the championship. Alternatively, a conflict that possesses importance as a result of its substantial scale.

A fight that guarantees me a title fight, or a really big fight, something that I’m super excited about doing. That’s all I want,” Poirier told Aeriel Helwani on the MMA Hour.

Poirier, a very probable candidate for eventual induction into the Hall of Fame, has achieved a comprehensive range of accomplishments within the realm of mixed martial arts. These include headlining prominent events and securing several accolades, such as multiple Fight of the Year Awards.

However, he has yet to engage in participation in one of the UFC’s momentous events, such as UFC 100. However, he aspires to alter this situation in the year 2024.

“I think it would be cool,” Poirier continued. “As I’ve said in all these interviews, I’m probably not going to fight at UFC 400; I missed 200 – 300, which would be awesome to have on the resume.

“I sat down with the UFC, we talked about it, and they’re kind of on the same page as me. If we can get the right opponent that makes sense for a big fight, then we can do it.”

UFC 300: Poirier vs.???

Determining the ideal opponent for Poirier is a somewhat complex challenge. ‘The Diamond’ recently suffered a devastating knockout. Before this setback, he has been candid about his reluctance to engage in bouts against opponents who may not possess significant commercial appeal inside the lightweight division.

The conversation with Helwani continued onto a potential opponent and weight class for UFC 300.

Given that many of the prominent competitors in the weight category have already secured fights, Poirier concedes that he is uncertain about the suitable contenders. However, he did enumerate the two specific attributes he seeks.

He expressed disapproval towards the notion of reverting to the featherweight division. While asserting that he believed he could meet the weight requirement, his primary objective was to get pleasure from the journey, engage in combat, and maintain a state of well-being.

However, he acknowledged that achieving such a state would be unattainable if he pursued the aforementioned weight decrease. However, Poirier trusts the UFC and the conviction that a logical solution will ultimately arise.

What lies ahead for ‘The Diamond’, only time will tell, but either way, watching him compete at UFC 300, no matter who the opponent was, would unquestionably be a fight we’re all tuning in for.

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