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Felice Herrig says she made $500,000 posting feet pics on OnlyFans

Feet pics pulling in some $$$$

Former UFC fighter Felice Herrig has been known to post pictures of her feet all over her various social media platforms, but in a recent interview with news reporter Tomi Lahren, ‘Lil Bulldog’ reveals that her little piggies are now her biggest cash cow.

“I’m like, oh, is it weird if I start a OnlyFans foot page because there seems to be the market there,” Herrig said. “And I knew nothing about OnlyFans you you don’t really know until you’re on there and you learn as you go. And then I realized people just… the money was just like ridiculous. I’ve made more money in the past year on OnlyFans than I’ve ever made my entire fight career.”

Herrig would go on to see that she has made a half a million dollars ($500,000) in just the last year, and she has done so without posting any nudes or sexually explicit photos, just feet.

Watch Felice Herrig talk about the success from her feet pics in the full interview here.

Herrig recently retired from professional mixed martial arts competition after her latest loss inside the UFC octagon, but was quick to sign with Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship and is expected to make her bare knuckle debut sometime later this year or early in 2023.

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