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Fighter Superstition – Charlie Brenneman: “I win when I get My Haircut at Pat’s”

Fighter Superstition – Charlie Brenneman: “I win when I get My Haircut at Pat’s”

Charlie “the Spaniard” Brenneman has found himself in a compromising situation.  Now on his second stint in the UFC and his two most recent fights serving as losses, the Pennsylvania native is in a must win situation.

His next fight is next weekend, Nov. 8, in Brazil.  The Spaniard will face 16-2-1, Leandro Silva.

Brenneman, who has battled ups and downs in his mixed martial arts career recently learned through his brother that every time he won a fight he had recently gotten his hair cut at Pat’s Classic Cuts.

The barber that is now located in Wind Gap, Pa., was a place that Brenneman had gone to in the past but had not visited in several years after famously growing his hair out and of course having a much busier schedule as he progressed in the sport.

After confirming that each win was in fact collected around the time of a haircut from Pat, Brenneman realized it was time to go back.

He went back to his roots and visited Pat earlier this week.  As he sat in the chair he jokingly said, “If I don’t get the win, this is the last time I get my haircut at Pat’s.”

Make sure you tune in next weekend to Fox Sports 2 to see Brenneman’s fight and more importantly, the post-fight speech.  Will he give Pat a “thank you?”

You can rest assured that if and when Brenneman takes home the win, every fighter in northeast Pennsylvania will be visiting Pat’s Classic Cuts.


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