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Former MMA Icon Tries Khabib Nurmagomedov’s Training Program

How did the undefeated Khabib Nurmagomedov, a titan in the UFC octagon, the one with the best UFC fight odds, maintain his dominant edge? Former MMA artist and renowned strength coach Phil Daru, known for training top UFC athletes like Dustin Poirier, decided to dive into Khabib’s high-volume training regime.

By experiencing it firsthand, Daru provides us with an exclusive glimpse into the rigorous program that forged one of the greatest fighters in MMA history.

Let’s uncover the secrets behind Khabib’s relentless training and how it shaped him into the unbeatable champion he became.

Khabib Nurmagomedov’s Training Regimen

Khabib Nurmagomedov’s training regimen is renowned for its intensity and effectiveness, contributing to his status as an undefeated champion in MMA. His day begins with a rigorous cardio session that typically lasts 90 minutes, including runs at sunrise to build endurance and stamina. Afternoon sessions are dedicated to martial arts training with fellow fighters and coaches, focusing on technique, speed, and agility. By the evening, Khabib engages in grappling and sparring sessions, refining his combat skills and maintaining peak physical condition.

A significant aspect of Khabib’s training is his adherence to traditional, low-tech exercises. Instead of relying on advanced gym equipment, he includes rock lifting and calisthenics in his regimen. His basic exercises consist of running, shadow boxing, push-ups with shoulder taps, high planks, crunches, and narrow push-ups. This approach not only complements his combat skills but also enhances his functional strength and flexibility.

Moreover, Khabib attends the Russian sauna weekly, a strategy employed to shed excess water weight and aid in muscle recovery. The sauna sessions, combined with his disciplined workout routine, ensure he remains in optimal fighting shape. Overall, Khabib’s commitment to a diverse and intense training schedule played a pivotal role in his illustrious career, making him one of the most formidable fighters in MMA history.

Daru’s Breakdown of Nurmagomedov’s Training Schedule

Phil Daru meticulously chalked out Khabib Nurmagomedov’s training schedule on a board, providing a detailed breakdown of the rigorous regimen followed by the undefeated UFC athlete. The “Bear Wrangler,” known for his ferocious training discipline, conducted two to three training sessions daily, repeating this routine for five to six days each week. Each day entailed four to five hours of strenuous workouts designed to maintain his commanding dominance in the octagon.

Daru began dissecting Nurmagomedov’s strength and conditioning training, emphasizing the importance of compound, foundational, and fundamental lifts. Integral exercises like bench presses, deadlifts, and squats were crucial in Khabib’s regimen aimed at increasing maximum force production and overall strength. Unlike more typical high-repetition workouts, Khabib focused on maintaining high intensity with lower repetitions, ensuring that every movement counted towards building his robust power foundation.

Nurmagomedov incorporated plyometric movements into his routine to augment his power and speed, which are vital attributes for any elite athlete. These explosive exercises included jumping, bounding, skipping, and hops, which not only enhanced his speed and agility but also significantly contributed to his recovery from injuries. The coordination and quickness attained through these activities were invaluable in the fierce and fast-paced environment of the UFC, making Nurmagomedov a quick and elusive opponent.

Endurance training formed another cornerstone of Khabib’s regimen. He expertly balanced high-intensity with low-volume workouts and vice versa, ensuring a well-rounded and resilient cardiovascular system. Activities like swimming, rowing, hill sprints, and even wrestling with bears underscored the breadth of his endurance training. These diverse exercises built his stamina and kept him in peak fighting condition, making him capable of going the distance in longer bouts.

Daru highlighted that after suffering injuries in 2014, 2015, and 2017, Nurmagomedov placed an increased focus on plyometric movements to assist in his recovery. This strategic adjustment not only aided his physical healing process but also prevented further setbacks, allowing him to remain undefeated throughout his career. Reflecting on Khabib’s current training regime, Daru further speculated on potential enhancements, suggesting that further refinement could make the formidable fighter even more invincible in the octagon.

Already a Plan?

Phil Daru showcased a methodical approach to preparing Khabib Nurmagomedov for his intense training sessions. He started with a proper five-minute workout on the rower to increase tissue temperature and activate the nervous system. This initial warm-up was crucial for preventing injuries and ensuring optimal performance during the workout. Next, Daru advocated for five minutes of dynamic stretching to enhance flexibility and reduce muscle stiffness before delving into the plyometric movements.

The plyometric segment, lasting around ten minutes, included single-leg hops, bounds, skips, and pogo jumps. These explosive movements were designed to boost Khabib’s speed and agility, which are essential attributes of his fighting style. Additionally, Daru incorporated medicine ball throws into this segment, combining explosive power and elasticity in one comprehensive routine.

For the strength portion, which lasted about twenty minutes, Daru relied on foundational exercises. These included compound lifts and moves to fortify Khabib’s overall strength and power. The focus on quality over quantity ensured that Khabib could maximize his force production without exhausting his muscles with unnecessary repetitions.

To round off the training, Daru integrated a ten-minute circuit exercise specifically targeting muscular endurance. This circuit included a variety of movements and also incorporated sprint intervals, delivering a balanced workout that kept Khabib in peak condition. The total duration of this methodical workout plan was designed to maximize efficiency and effectiveness, ensuring Khabib remained at the top of his game.

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