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Frankie Edgar co-stars in new crime movie based out of New Jersey, ‘The Bastard Sons’

Recently named 2024 UFC Hall Of Famer and former UFC champion Frankie Edgar has found a new path after stepping away from the cage. Having walked away from the UFC and calling it a career following his loss to Chris Gutierrez in November of 2022 at UFC 281, Edgar has seemingly walked away from the sport with his head held high and will now find himself placed among the very best when he’s inducted into the Hall Of Fame later this year.

The former UFC lightweight champion and lifelong New Jersey resident, Frankie Edgar recently took a co-star role in ‘The Bastard Sons‘ movie which is written, produced, and stared by Kevin Interdonato. The film was released on video on demand platforms including Amazon Prime, and sees Edgar take the role of ‘Danny Mac’ as he and the crew of friends seek revenge after a tragic event.

Here’s more from the official press release:

TheBastard Sons” marks Interdonato’s directorial debut, offering audiences an authentic and refreshing gangster saga deeply rooted in New Jersey. The film explores the complex world of small-town gangster Vincent Damiano (portrayed by Interdonato), as he navigates the criminal underworld after the mysterious death of his father. The narrative unfolds against the backdrop of iconic New Jersey locations, capturing the gritty essence of the state, recently coined “The Gangster Film Jersey Has Been Waiting For” (Geek Vibes Nation). 

Adding to the intrigue, UFC Legend Frankie Edgar is part of this captivating collaboration. Edgar, known for his remarkable career in mixed martial arts, brings a unique perspective to the project”

Following the release of the ‘The Bastard Sons’ movie, Edgar joined the ‘On The Mic’ podcast and opened up to about his first role in the film industry. He also discussed how he got into the podcast industry with his ‘Champ and The Tramp’ podcast which he hosts alongside Roger Mathews, who also has a role in the movie.

Hear from Frankie Edgar about his first movie, if he would be interested in pursuing a career in more movies in the future, and reflecting back on his Hall Of Fame UFC career.


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