Get St. Patrick's Day Ready w/ Conor McGregor's Workout Plan 🍀

Get St. Patrick’s Day Ready w/ Conor McGregor’s Workout Plan 🍀

Regardless of your St. Patrick’s Day plans, Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey is the must-have brand to celebrate Properly. Find a Proper No. Twelve celebration near you (HERE). 

But first….. Follow Conor McGregor’s workout plan with these 12 videos below and you will be more than ready to tackle the day.

The Proper Strut

This St. Patrick’s Day walk in like you own the place.

Proper Pivot

Pivot, spin, drink. Make all the proper moves from bar to table.

Proper Cheers

Our St. Practice Day training will make you feel the burn in those biceps when you reach for a proper cheers with your mates this St. Patrick’s Day.

Proper Speech

Keep it short, keep it sweet, or get knocked swiftly off your feet.

Proper Blend

100% Proper, 0 Excuses. Come ride your way into the St. Patrick’s day celebrations

Proper Greeting

Get your head in the game. Timing is the key to success so start training with the G.O.A.T., Conor McGregor

Patty Pump Up

Let us turn those rosy cheeks green. Keep up the moment to get into peak performance.

Proper Bar Flair

Bartenders let’s get those reps in – let’s see 10 sets of 10 cocktail shakers.

Proper Jig

Shuffle forward, shuffle back. Here’s some fancy footwork for St. Pat’s.

Four Leaf Closer

Give this finisher a try and test your fight with the Four Leaf Closer.

Squat of Gold

Brace yourself & get ready to squat.

Patty Pump

Proper practice prevents poor performance. The Patty Pump will get you pumped up for the big day.

Proper No. Twelve entered the whiskey game in September 2018, facing brands with 300+ years of history as a bold new take on the establishment, and experienced one of the industry’s most impactful launches, ever. In the past 3.5 years, Proper No. Twelve has become the fastest-growing Irish Whiskey in America (source: Nielsen, brands over 2,500 cases annually Last 52 Weeks ending 1.1.22)

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