Hannah Guy

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Hannah Guy on Kaytlin Neil fight at Invicta FC 49

Hannah Guy tests skills against Kaytlin Neil at Invicta FC 49 on September 28th.

Guy appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts and we discussed a myriad of topics. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Hannah Guy

Guy’s thoughts on her opponent Kaytlin Neil

“Yeah, she’s pretty long and strong and athletic. She is kind of like a point-fighter type of girl. She tries to stay out of range from you and keep you at the end of her kicks and jabs and things like that. So we’ve just been working on ways to get around that. Because obviously if she’s able to do that to me, she’s going to win the fight. So for me, it’s just a gameplan of getting inside and fighting her inside. Taking it to the ground, putting her on the cage, things like that. But yeah, she’s definitely good at using her length and range. Just being aware of that… Cutting her 0ff.”

Guy’s history of playing spoiler as was the case in the Valerie Loureda fight

“Yeah, definitely. I get underestimated all the time. Obviously underestimated in this bout against Kaytlin. Because I mean obviously she wants to go far too. So she wouldn’t have taken the fight if she didn’t think she could beat me. So yeah it’s going to be fun to spoil that for her too.”

Invicta FC 49

Parting thoughts for Hannah Guy

“Thank you so much for all my supporters. I’m sponsored by Hex.com. They’re a cryptocurrency that gains interest…They’re great and they’ve been supporting me for the past year. I’ve been able to train full-time and not have to worry about finances thanks to them. So shout out to them and definitely do look them up.”

“Then NeoLife Physical Therapy… they’ve been great. Financially blessed is one of my financial coaches. Then EPOK with Ajay Chander is my management and he’s been great. He helped me get this fight set up so I’m very thankful for that. I’m so excited to show you guys my skills and everything I’ve been working on. Be ready for some fireworks and happiness.”

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