Hideki Sekine

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Hideki Sekine on Tsuyoshi Sudario, Rizin 37, and More

Hideki Sekine collides with Tsuyoshi Sudario at Rizin 37 on July 31st at Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan.

Sekine returned to Bowks Talking Bouts and we discussed a lot ahead of this redemption-minded fight.

Hideki Sekine

Getting ready to fight the twin brother of his last opponent Satoshi Kamiyama

“So heading into my last fight against his brother, I was kind of expecting if I beat this guy, I know I’m going to have to face the other one. After this fight, I was kind of expecting this offer against Sudario. So I wasn’t surprised but I’m currently 49 years old right now. I feel like I’m still evolving after each fight. Feel like my striking is getting better after each fight. I know that Sudario is also getting better but at the same time, I am also evolving as well.”

Sekine continued, “So I think in this fight I can expect a really fun fight actually. I want to try out new things. I want to see what my skills can do with this opponent. So I’m very much looking forward for this fight.”

Rizin 37

Being a pro wrestler and avid fan in the context of the narrative in this Tsuyoshi Sudario fight

“When you look back at the history of Rizin, the origin of Rizin it comes from pro wrestling. Right now, I’m sure there’s a lot of pro wrestling fans who are watching Rizin. For those who are not pro wrestling fans who are Rizin fans, they still would definitely appreciate some kind of a narrative, the storyline. So I think it all makes sense because for me, beating (Shoma) Shibisai on New Year’s Eve. Which Sudario has lost to previously and me beating Sudario’s twin brother, I mean it just makes perfect sense for this fight to happen.”

Sekine continued,”For me to take part and for me to be the key person in this angle, in this storyline, it’s nothing but an honor for me to take part in it.”

Parting thoughts for Hideki Sekine

“So what I want to say is that I want everybody to enjoy this fight. Not only just with the MMA aspect but as the whole story that we just talked about. There’s so much going on outside of just the fight itself. So many emotions, so much wonderful storylines to follow. I want the people to see that too, not just the fight. I’m almost fifty years old but I want to go in there and inspire all the almost fifty, fifties. Everybody’s tired and I want to inspire those people and give them hope that as long as they work hard, there’s a possibility of anything.”

Sekine continued, “For those with conditions who have lost hope, I want to fight for them. I want to inspire them with my fights. The children, I want the children to see me and be inspired that hard work will definitely pay off. I’m a 49 year old man with a condition but even I can still succeed. If I put my mind and heart into it. That’s what I’m going in the ring to show and that’s what I want people to see.”

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