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Holly Holm wants to continue “surprising people” after win over Irene Aldana

After what many are calling one of the most impressive performances of her career with a win over Irene Aldana last weekend, Holly Holm wants to keep the momentum rolling. Holm defeated Aldana, one of the rising stars in the bantamweight division, with unanimous decision scores of 50-44, 50-45, and 50-45, a telling sign that Holm was just on a different level against Aldana.

Following her win, Holly Holm was a guest on ‘MMA Tonight’ on Sirius XM’s Fight Nation, and spoke about how she came into this fight against Aldana and why she was looking to do more than just survive against the rising prospect.

“There is like a sense of rejuvenation with that, I know I’ve been learning but to really go into a fight and make it happen, that’s what matters, that’s what matters. You can do anything in practice but if you don’t do it in a fight then it really doesn’t do anything for you. For this fight [against Aldana] I actually told my coaches, I don’t just want to get in there and survive, I want to get in there and make a statement, I want people to be talking about me.”

Holm would continue on by saying, with every fight she has, she wants her opponents to be concerned about all aspects of her game, and wants to continue to surprise people once the fight begins.

“I want people to not know what they’re going to see when I step in there to fight. Are they going to see punches, are they going to see kicks, are they going to see takedowns, or are they going to see ground game? I just feel like I want to keep surprising people, that’s what keeps me excited too. Having more tools in the toolbox, and it’s fun to be able to use those tools.”

Although it was a very impressive victory for Holly Holm, she says she still has areas she’d like to work and improve on, because she takes more lessons away from her wins than her losses.

“There’s things that I still look at the fight [against Aldana] that I want to learn from. I want to learn from every fight I have. Some people say you either win or you learn, that’s not ever anything I actually agree with. Yeah, I’m proud of what I’ve done but I definitely know that I can still clean everything up even more and just perfect things more and more.”

Speaking to the media after her win over Irene Aldana, Holm said she planned to keep her options open but she is also certainly making a case for a rematch with bantamweight champion, Amanda Nunes.

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