Jake Paul-Tyron Woodley press conference

Jake Paul-Tyron Woodley press conference

Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley make a tattoo bet for loser of their fight

When former UFC champion Tyron Woodley faces YouTube sensation, pro boxer, Jake Paul, the stakes will be raised in a bizarre way. Paul and Woodley will meet on August 29 in Cleveland, Ohio on Showtime PPV, in what will be Woodley’s first professional boxing bout and Paul’s fourth in his young career.

On Tuesday, Paul and Woodley met face-to-face for their first press conference for the event, and while it wasn’t their first meeting face-to-face, things got interesting when bets were brought up. During their first meeting before Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather, Jake Paul challenged Woodley to put up his entire purse for the fight and the loser would have to donate it to charity, and while the former UFC champion didn’t take that bet on the spot, a new bet was agreed up on Tuesday.

After the original bet was brought up by a member of the media, Jake Paul challenged Woodley to a more permanent bet, in the form of the loser getting a tattoo with the other’s name on them.

So now the loser of the fight will have to get either “I love Jake Paul” or “I love Tyron Woodley” tattooed on their body, in what is certainly one of the most interesting bets made by fighters in recent history.

After losing his final four fights in the UFC, Tyron Woodley will make the jump into a professional boxing career, and during Tuesday’s press conference he said he plans to pursue a boxing career following his matchup against Paul. Back in 2020, Jake Paul turned the combat sports world upside down when the social media star began his professional boxing career, and he has now gone on to go 3-0 with wins over Ali Eson Gib, Nate Robinson, and most recently, Ben Askren, a close friend of Tyron Woodley.

Jake Paul did acknowledge that Woodley will be his toughest challenge to date, but added that if he wants to be taken seriously as a professional, he’ll have to beat a fighter the caliber of the former UFC champion. They may not be putting their purse money up for their bout, but it’ll be interesting to see if these competitors follow through with their agreed upon tattoo bet.

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