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John Cena Steroids – Is He Natural or Natty?

Soon to appear in Fast and Furious 9, Hollywood and WWE superstar John Cena has been accused of steroid use many times. As a bodybuilder and famous wrestler, he is popular amongst everyone in the US and in the world. 

John Cena started his career-long time before he joined WWE as a bodybuilder which then saw his talents and made him come in Hollywood movies.

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John Cena Personal and Early Life 

John Cena is 43 years old with 6’1 height and weighs 255 pounds. He shares many notorious names in the ring like Mr.P, Prototype, and John Cena. John Cena’s wife is Shay Shariatzadeh who is an Iranian-born Canadian citizen.

Some John Cena fans may not know but his real name is John Felix Anthony Cena Jr. He was born in April 23, 1977, in Northern Massachusetts. John Cena grand-dad was a hell of a baseball player who raised him as an English/Italian catholic boy. John Cena went to Catholic High School from where he got private schooling from the Cushing Academy. John Cena has no little brain as we know about most bodybuilders, the WWE champion has got a graduate degree in physiology after which he worked as a limo driver from which he fell into a bodybuilding career.


John Cena Steroids Allegation- Natty or Not?

When John Cena was asked in a CNN documentary if he ever had used steroids? His response was “I can’t tell you that I haven’t, but you will never prove that I have”. This certain evoked the WWE experts shocking values as they scrutinized john cena’s exact response that said “Absolutely Not” but some part of it was edited. 

We can see throughout John Cena’s career whether he is the byproduct of natural or steroids.


  • John Cena Body

John Cena has a big body and he doesn’t slouch, the 250 pounds heavy and 6’2 tall man is all about muscles with hardly an ounce of fat. Building a body like this usually takes years and indeed John Cena spent his life training for years since he was a teenager. Talking about John’s traps, biceps, triceps, chest, and legs, they all are huge which could be related to his great genes, but is it possible if he had been taking steroids without anyone knowing?


  • John Cena Recovery Time

WWE stunts are not a joke but a very serious way to entertain the public by risking lives. There are no CGI involves with their crash landings on the hardwood ring, many people have become paralyzed and suffered from career-ending injuries. John Cena is considered a macho man in this arena even though he had suffered from many injuries throughout his career. Once, Cena was so badly injured that he had to undergo surgery with an expected recovery time of 9 months. But he returned in less than 5 months with an amazing body shape and this happened again more than twice. The point is, John Cena has done this many times and some people think the secret behind the quickest recovery is the consumption of HGH and Anabolic Steroids. These steroids rapidly increase the recovery time and heal you from a severe form of injuries.


  • John Cena Has Bigger Hands

Noticed john cena hands have gotten bigger as he ages? This either has to do everything or nothing with the steroids. Bodybuilders who consume steroids like Human Growth Hormone or use AAS in stacks experience the enlargement of many body parts in size. At times, this could be an internal organ, and most of the time it your hands or feet. John Cena may have been taking help from HGH supplements.


  • Bloated Gut

Growth gut is the common side effect of HGH and is usually experienced with bloated and stomach expansion that gives it a pregnant look. As we discussed, HGH supplements are known to cause enlargement of many organs that push against the abdominal cavity. John Cene displayed the slight HGH gut which is also called Palumboism that is not as dramatic as you can see on IFBB Professional Bodybuilder.


  • Bigger Head

The size of John Cena’s head has grown over the last couple of years. Jana Abelovska from mentions that one of the major side effects of steroids is the enlargement of the head and this can be asserted to Human Growth Hormone supplements with insulin consumption. This stimulates the growth of facial bones and tissues and in no time you will have a bigger size head and nose.



John Cena Was Tested for Steroids Use

Ever since WWE witnessed a heavy Chris Benoit tragedy, the organization started testing the superstars under the “Wellness Policy”. Some random drug tests were conducted to ban illegal substances such as anabolic steroids. John Cena was working as a full-time employee of WWE so yes, he was also tested. WWE suspended many bodybuilders who failed the test and John Cena wasn’t on the list of those who failed.


What experts say about John Cena steroid cycle?

According to the bodybuilding experts, here is what they think John might have been using as a part of a steroid cycle.

  • Testosterone Propionate-100mg every 2 days
  • Trenbolone (without ester) – 100mg daily
  • Cardarine (SARMs) – 20mg per day
  • WInstrol- 50mg per day
  • Painkillers for endurance- Cortisone injections and capsules

Fun fact: Did you know there are natural steroids without side effects like these?

Testosterone is the root of anabolic steroids and is also a prime male hormone that looks after all the bulking cycle and lets you compete with great strength. 

Trenbolone is the most potent steroid for bulking cycle. 

Winstrol is to remove excess water content from the muscles and a very efficient fat-burning agent. 

Cardarine is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator that supplies an intense amount of energy regardless of your physical condition. 


Are Wrestlers Natural or Natty?

In a statistic analysis on bet on csgo by US bodybuilding experts, almost every professional athlete and bodybuilder uses drugs. There is no exception made by the wrestlers though. See the point is to entertain millions of people by creating an illusion of a fight and injuries, so it would be impossible if wrestlers do not think about steroids use. More steroids use will give them more muscle mass and tolerance to bear the pain and pressure and this leads to more entertainment for the public and hence more cash.

There is a whole documentary on anabolic steroids “Bigger, Stronger, Faster” where the main character Mike Bell also known the name Mad Dog shared his honest opinions about steroids use. For power-lifting, bodybuilding and to get ultimate sports-related goals, the use of illegal compounds have been associated closely.

This doesn’t mean John Cena has been juicing since he has got greater genes for bulking up and there is no doubt about his work ethic. But there is a notion that says regardless of your plethora of time at the gym, it is impossible to go beyond the natural limit.


Why Bodybuilders Urges Fan to Use Legal Steroids?

Legal steroids are not banned chemicals but they are modern-day supplements for bodybuilding and athletic charm. The term legal steroid is derived from the plant’s source mainly the steroidal components available in plants that are 100% risk-free in comparison with Anabolic Steroids.

Bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger encourage the new generation to use a supplement like whey protein and BCCA if they want to push their limits. Going beyond the natural limit requires some form of supplements that don’t have to be anabolic steroids. Take an example of Terry Crew, he never used or will use steroids as he stated but he is loaded with many forms of vitamins and amino acids as a part of his bodybuilding cycle.



Being natty has its own implications on health and this thing can be reversed upon quitting the steroid use ASAP. About John Cena’s steroid, we don’t believe that he hasn’t been on anything other than whey protein. The most highlighted steroid that John Cena rumored to use is HGH injections and because of this his head grew big and his hands got bigger.

There is also a possibility that John Cena may be on the Trenbolone cycle with little doses of Testosterone Propionate and Turinabol for we know WWE doesn’t test the HGH drug.


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