Jon Jones gives unfiltered views on Daniel Cormier "G.O.A.T." recognition from the UFC

Jon Jones on critics who are labeling him a cheat: ” You just don’t want to admit I’m f**king pretty good at this”

On December 29, one of the most long awaited UFC returns will happen when Jon Jones rematches Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 232 for the UFC light heavyweight title.

Jones has not fought inside the UFC octagon since his third round knockout of arch rival Daniel Cormier at UFC 214 last July.

The fight was later deemed a no contest after it was revealed that Jones had failed yet another drug test with USADA.

Despite having been cleared by USADA,  Jones has still received harsh criticism from both fans and fellow UFC fighters.

According to these critics, Jones should have a asterisk beside each one of his MMA achievements due to his two USADA drug test failures.

Jones took the opportunity to respond to these critical comments made about him during a recent interview.

“I would say that those would be people looking for an excuse not to give it to me, not to give credit where it’s due,” Jones said in response when speaking on the Jackson-Wink podcast (as transcribed by Damon Martin). “In both situations, whatever was in me chemically was proven scientifically that the amounts were so small that there was no way possible to affect my performance in a positive or a negative way. The two times where I’ve failed drug tests for performance enhancers, it’s been so small that it can’t affect your performance.” 

Jones continued by explaining the discoveries in both of his now infamous USADA drug test violations.

“The d–k pill situation, that was proven that it was a mistake,” Jones stated. “Who takes a male enhancement pill expecting to fight better. I mean nobody. We actually found the company, found the exact pills, we ordered the pills and the pills came back with stuff in it that wasn’t supposed to be in there. Such a small amount that it’s not going to make you fight any better or be stronger.” 

In closing the interview, Jones giving one final statement on those very critics who are accusing him of being a cheat.

“To answer your question — to anybody who would say ‘well he must have been cheating’ — after what I just said, if you still want to call me a cheater, you just don’t want to admit that I’m f–king pretty good at this.”



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