Jon Jones to Leon Edwards: “[Can] I gift you a motorcycle?”

Jon Jones has no love for Colby Covington. The two were roommates during their time at Iowa Central Community College and had a tumultuous relationship. After Covington lost to Leon Edwards this weekend at UFC 296, Jones reached out on X to offer Edwards a motorcycle for his victory.

Jon Jones wants to buy Leon Edwards a motorcycle

Jon Jones reached out to Edwards and offered to buy him a motorcycle after his win at UFC 296. He offered a motorcycle as a gift as the last middle finger to Covington after past comments about his alleged steroid use.

Leon Edwards hit Jones back and let him know that he wasn’t a motorcyclist, but a Rolex watch would be acceptable. Jones has yet to respond.

Jon Jones and Colby Covington were once teammates and roommates, as mentioned earlier. In September of 2021, he made comments about Jones being abusive to him saying:

Me and Jon lived together, 2 years in Iowa Central Community College together…in the dorm in the same bedroom. We shared the same room. We were like best friends when we first met each other [but then] he just started doing steroids and he just freaking always had roid-rage. He’d just come home, and he’d yell at me, ‘oh what the f**k are you doing Colby? Do the dishes!’ And he would just like literally freak out and I’d see this roid-rage in his eyes, and I was like, ‘dude, what’s your deal man?’

Obviously, Jones took offense to this and has had negative things to say about Covington in the past. Jones didn’t say much in the lead up to UFC 296, however. He waited until Covington was soundly defeated by the Brit to give a backhanded insult by reaching out to the champion.

The burden now rests on Bones to hit Edwards back. The question is: what Rolex will he get?


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