Lateesha Mohl and Ben Moser

Lateesha Mohl confident experience will translate to AOW6 win

Lateesha Mohl is currently in final preparations for her March 10, Art of War Cage Fighting 6 bout with Christie Schneider. At 22-years of age, Mohl has already recorded six amateur bouts to her credit. Although she has not tasted victory since her first fight in April 2016, her five losses have been in extremely tough battles with all but one going to a decision.

Lateesha Mohl, Justin Press, and Ben Moser, Ephrata Martial Arts
Lateesha Mohl, Justin Press, and Ben Moser, Ephrata Martial Arts

Mohl trains under coach Justin Press at Ephrata Martial Arts and AOW bantamweight champion Ben Moser in Ephrata, Pennsylvania and will make the 16.9 mile drive to the Lanco Fieldhouse for her fight, two weeks from tonight.

“I’ve learned so much since coming here.  It’s actually insane how much I’ve taken under my belt already and I have a lot more to learn still.  But they’ve definitely helped me with my ground work.  The Sambo/Jiu-Jitsu fusion we do here is great. It’s really helping me out.  I used to hate ground work and now I’m starting to love it, so I’m really excited to see where it goes,” she said.

Lateesha on her opponent

“I know that this is her first fight.  I also know that she asked to fight me, so that’s on her. She wants to fight me, that’s fine. I’ll take it, although she didn’t want to meet me at my weight class.  That’s fine, I will still fight her and take it.  I know that she is confident in standing up which is fine with me because I want to stand up too.”

“I know she asked to fight me, I know that for a fact.  When I asked her to meet me at 110 (pounds) because I’m trying to get away from 115, they denied it and said that she cannot make 110, so we agreed on 113 as a catchweight.”

“I’ve been training for two and a half years which she claims she has been training for two and half years as well.  But I’ve also had six fights so far in two and a half years and she’s had none.  So I definitely have the upper hand in the experience so I think it should be in my favor.”

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