Lou Giordano, BJ Penn, Andrei Arlovski

Lou Giordano goes all-in on weight management career

Lou Giordano, BJ Penn, Andrei Arlovski

The sun rises, the sun sets. Man is born, man dies. A UFC fight card is promoted, a fight is scraped due to health concerns.

It is all too common, and was an up-and-down story for professional weight management specialist, Lou Giordano. Having spent many years working with fighters such as Johny Hendricks, Jon Jones and Jose Torres, Giordano has seen every outcome with fighters braving the sauna and diet for upcoming fights.

As I sat down for another conversation with Giordano, I knew this discussion was going to be different. Giordano and I have spent many a days talking about life, goals and relationships. He doesn’t mince words but he knows professional decorum. This exchange was different and his responses were more deliberate and direct. When I asked him about Michael Chiesa missing weight his response was quick.

“It’s a discipline issue whether that be within the camp the fighter, the coaches,” Giordano said.

Giordano would go into greater detail about Hendricks missing weight during his recent fight camps, something he had previously withheld. He would also finally respond to the ongoing comments made by Mike Dolce.

“He’s the only person thats undefeated on the scales,” Giordano paraphrased of Dolce.

“Well Mike Dolce he’s also the been known to walk away from fighters he has that are really close to missing weight,” he continued.

That wouldn’t be the end of the Dolce discussion.

“What happened to Mike Dolce’s business when USADA came along?” Giordano questioned.

“How many people has he actually worked with since USADA came along? What does that tell you?” he finished.

Giordano even discussed the victory of Daniel Cormier and his recent jump from light heavyweight to heavyweight. With the victory over Stipe Miocic, Cormier looks to stay at heavyweight for the remainder of his career. But Giordano wasn’t quick to forget DC’s towel trick.

“He does not have discipline when it comes to nutrition … why is that okay?”

Tune in to listen to Giordano sound off when he feels the truth absolutely needs to be told.


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