Tomi Lahren, Michael Chandler

Michael Chandler tells Tomi Lahren he “lost a bunch of followers” for photo with Donald Trump

Former Bellator MMA lightweight champ turned UFC star and coach of the Ultimate Fighter season 31, Michael Chandler, joined Tomi Lahren on “Tomi Lahren is Fearless” on Thursday night.

The conversation immediately began with Lahren asking Chandler about the sport’s inclusion of former President Donald Trump.

“I have found that those in professional fighting tend to be more on the conservative side,” Lahren said.  “And I think that’s also evidenced by when Donald Trump shows up to any match of any sort.”

The talk show host then added, “It seems like everybody just absolutely loves Donald Trump. They love this country. What makes professional fighting different from other woke mind virus sports?”

Chandler then told Lahren that when he recently took a photo with Trump at UFC 287 in Miami, Florida, he “lost a bunch of followers.”

Watch below:

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