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Matěj Peňáz

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Oktagon 38’s Matěj Peňáz on why Jiri Prochazka calls him “Money”

Matěj Peňáz tests skills with Joel dos Santos at Oktagon 38 on December 30th.

Peňáz was a guest on Bowks Talking Bouts and we touched on his first fight rebounding from his failed Contender Series bid, his multifaceted history with Jiri Prochazka, and so much more. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Matěj Peňáz

Prior training efforts and the nickname bestowing history with Jiri Prochazka

“I trained with Jiri (Prochazka) before because I changed the gym. But before like we trained together I think six years. I mean in the preparation for Dominick Reyes because I am also southpaw, the same size like Dominick. So it’s always perfect for me and I always love it to work with Jiri because like Jiri is a really good guy. Big motivation I think for all the fighters from the Czech (Republic).”

“But now I am more in the Sweden, more in the Stockholm. So I work in the Allstars (Training Center) gym and also in the Reinders (MMA) gym in the Czech Republic. So I am not so often in contact with Jiri.”

Oktagon 38

Peňáz continued, “My surname Peňáz in Slovakia, it means money. So we were on the fight in Slovakia with Jiri Prochazka and he started to call me like ‘Money’ and it stayed with me to now. Because the meaning Peňáz, it means money.”

Peňáz’s thoughts on his upcoming opponent dos Santos

“I think he has a lot of experience with MMA. Yeah, I think he’s going to want to wrestle me and I am prepared for that. I think it’s like for sure like he has a lot of fights but I think it’s not so big problem for me. Because I have a lot of experience from the kickboxing and Thai boxing. So I think it’s not so big difference between us.”

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