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PFL 8 – PFL 2023 Playoffs Live Results

The PFL returned to The Theater in Madison Square Garden for the PFL 2023 Playoffs. These semi-final bouts were the “win or go home” portion of their format so the stakes have never been higher than they are now. Renan Ferreira, Larissa Pacheco, Denis Goltsov, and Marina Mokhnatkina all advanced in their respective divisions and are one step closer to being champions and millionaires.

Several showcase bouts were also on the card featuring one of the alternates for heavyweights. One of the fighters missed weight but according to the PFL rules and regulations semifinalists can still advance but forfeit 20% of their purse and are deducted 1 point.  But after the event, that seems like a non-issue now. Detailed results are below followed by quick results for the TLDR readers. 

Kaytlin Neil vs. Maíra Mazar

Round 1 had Neil test out the clinch of Mazar and try to use range to set up a finishing blow. Mazar seemed to whether the storm to try yo pressure Neil into a grappling match. Neil seemed to land more in that round.

Round 2 Mazar’s pressure seemed to pay off a little more as she kept meeting Neil’s shots halfway. However, they were still landing, a tough round to score as both women were looking to land blows to end the fight. Neil still seemed the busier fighter.

Round 3 both women met in the middle of the cage to leave it all in there. Mazar gave up on any grappling and Neil seemed to try to find more success with her lead jab and leg kicks. Towards the end, it seemed Neil’s striking from the clinch might have paid off but as the fight went on, Mazar’s willingness to meet Neil in the center won over the judges. Mazar wins vis split decision.

Danilo Marques vs.  Satoshi Ishii

Round 1 had Marques and Ishii wasted no time feeling each other out. Ishii seemed to want to shell up and close the distance to use his grappling against Marques but a few right hands from Marques seemed to put a damper on Ishi’s plans.

Round 2, Ishii’s shelling tactic seemed to work against him as the fighter seemed to show some fatigue when the engagement attempts failed. Marques absolutely capitalized on it and landed some blows for Ishii to carry into round 3.

Round 3 both men seemed tired but there was also a sense of desperation from them. Surprisingly, Marques decided to go for a takedown of his own which may have been to his detriment as it seemed to help Ishii get into a slugfest with him. It seemed dangerous for both but entertaining for the fans. Marques won via unanimous decision.

Nate Kelly vs. Damion Nelson

Round 1 had Kelly come out strong like he wanted to finish the fight as soon as possible. Nelson backed up from the strongest blows but seemed to be there for them as the round progressed making for a scrappy first round. Kelly would get a cut above the eye that would need checking, but they went into round 2.

Round 2 mirrored round 1 in the way both men traded. Kelly’s left hand seemed to find its mark enough to put some swelling on Nelson to pay him back for the cut from the previous round. They moved on to round 3.

Round 3 was more of the same, and that is not a knock on the fight. Nelson seemed to start with the same pressure Kelly had in the beginning and Kelly met him in kind. While the bout was a showcase bout in the undercard, they both fought like it was a semi-final fight. If it was, TK would be advancing since he wound up picking up the win via unanimous decision.

Marina Mokhnatkina vs. Amber Leibrock

Leibrock seemed ready for war but the fight went quickly to the ground where it was all Mokhnatkina who was able to secure an armbar in round 1. 

Denis Goltsov vs Jordan Heiderman

It would have been a great story if Heiderman won, however, Goltsov’s experience proved to be too much for Heiderman and Goltsov was able to secure a submission via arm triangle in the first round.

Larissa Pacheco vs. Olena Kolesnyk

No disrespect to Kolesnyk, but Pacheco absolutely has her number with a first-round TKO.

Renan Ferreira  vs. Maurice Greene

Even though Ferreira has just a few inches on Greene it seemed to count for a lot in round 1. Punches in bunches followed by leg licks from Ferreira lead to a first-round knockout. 

Friday night fights are locked and loaded in New York City tonight and we’ll have live updates. See the bout listing below:

PFL 2023 Playoffs quick results:

Renan Ferreira  defeats Maurice Greene via first round knock out at 4:46

Larissa Pacheco defeats Olena Kolesnyk via TKO at 0:14 in round 1

Denis Goltsov defeats Jordan Heiderman via submission (arm triangle) at 4:16 of round 1.

Marina Mokhnatkina defeated Amber Leibrock via armbar at 1:45 of round 1.

Nate Kelly defeats Damion Nelson via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Danilo Marques defeats Satoshi Ishii via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Maíra Mazar defeats Kaytlin Neil via split decision (Mazar 28-29, Mazar 29-28, Neil 29-28)



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