Ray Sefo Addresses PFL Fighters Missing Weight

PFL President Ray Sefo was proud to have an event with the high finish rate that the PFL has become known for in their seasonal format. With most bouts on the card ending by knock out or submission, not all the originally scheduled bouts happened. Sarah Kaufman got three points and a walk over to the next round because her opponent missed weight and Sefo addressed that at the press conference.

“We ain’t gonna tolerate it”, Sefo said after PFL 4 when asked about Sarah Kaufman’s opponent, Roberta Samad who missed weight. He added, “If you don’t make weight, I’m telling you now 99.9 percent of the time you’re not going to fight.” Kaufman took the win and walk over to the next round with three points but the question came because, in Ray Cooper’s fight with Zane Kamaka, the fight went on.

Sefo said that was something Cooper wanted because of the history with Kamaka that needed to be settled in the cage. The format of the PFL allows for the walkover with three points and if Kamaka was not the opponent, Sefo said the walkover with the points would have likely happened. Situations like that are unique but Sefo reiterated that overall it is not something that will be tolerated moving forward.

You got to make weight to earn points in the regular season. If you don’t make weight, you’re probably going to get cut. – Ray Sefo

Having been a professional fighter himself, Sefo is well aware of the struggles to make weight and understands a pound or two. However, when it is a repeat offense, like with Kamaka Sefo said, “I put my foot down.” Sefo also said, “If you turn up and your 8 pounds over or six pounds over, that’s absolutely ridiculous. You’re supposed to be a professional.”

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