Ring of Combat 65 results

Ring of Combat 65 results – Bill Algeo vs Scott Heckman

September 21, 2018

Tropicana Hotel and Casino Resort, Atlantic City, NJ

Louis Neglia and Dead Serious Promotions presents Ring of Combat 65 streamed live on FloCombat.com

ROC 65 Algeo vs Heckman is another in a long line of events from Louis Neglia that highlights some of the best mixed martial artists in the area.  With three title fights on tap, the chances are very high that the UFC has it’s eye on this loaded fight card and will look to bolster their roster as it has done many times with previous ROC champions.

The main event is a battle of champ vs champ as the defending ROC featherweight title holder, Bill ” Senor Perfecto” Algeo welcomes Maverick MMA champ, Scott “the Animal” Heckman to the cage.

Undefeated bantamweight title holder Phil “the Hitman” Caracappa is challenged by UFC veteran Louis “Good Night” Gaudinot and in the welterweight championship, Sydney Outlaw will defend against Krzysztof Kulak.

MyMMANews is cageside with highlights and live results…

Complete Ring of Combat 65 results below:

Women’s flyweight… Brittany ” Brutality”  Gianino 119 lbs  (pro debut)   vs  Gabriella “GDaddy” Gulfin 122.75 lbs (pro debut)

Gianino comes out with some nice combos landing a few lefts. Gulfin counters with a standing cross elbow.  After a few clinches, Gulfin scores a takedown and wasted little time transitioning to an armbar and ending the fight by submission at 3:36 of round 1


Middleweight…..Liam Anderson 184.5 lbs (pro debut… 8-0 as an amateur)  vs Thomas ” Diamond”  Powell 180. 5 lbs  (1-2)

Powell, a southpaw comes out throwing and landing hands.  An overhand left hits flush and Anderson’s knees buckle and he is out.  Vicious KO at 21 seconds of round 1


140 lb catchweight… Mario Hernandez 140.25 lbs (1-0)  vs  Mike Gonzalez 138.75 lbs  (pro debut)

Gonzalez active early. Shoots in and secures a takedown.  Hernandez reverses but Gonzalez seems comfortable in guard looking for a triangle. Gonzalez spent much of round 1 on bottom but controlled the flow and scored with sub attempt and some strikes

round 2… Gonzalez with a takedown right away.  Hernandez is holding onto the neck.  Gonzalez slips out and is scoring, takes the back looking for the RNC and finishes with the choke and a tap at 2:44 of round 2


138 lb catchweight…..Saidyokub Kakhramonov  137.75 lbs (5-1)  vs  Giorgi  ” Little Godzilla” Kudukhashvli 136 lbs (3-1)        winner to receive title shot

Fight starts out with both guys rolling and grappling.  Kakramanov scores a takedown and passes guard to full mount.  Giorgi gives up his back.  Kakramanov softens him up with some vicious ground and pound and then sinks in the rear naked choke and finishes the submission with a tap at 3:48 in round 1


Heavyweight….Ed Smart 264.25  (2-1)  vs  Chris Daukaus 256 lbs (6-2)  Smart comes out landing early and rocks Daukaus bloodying him.   Daukaus shows great heart and fights through being hurt.  Daukaus turns the tables and lands some nice combinations. Chris can sense that Smart is slowing down.  He then lands a left  to the jaw and then follows with an overhand right that crumbles Smart. Brutal KO win at 3:41 of round


Bantamweight…Chris Disonell ” Showbiz Diz” 135 lbs  (1-1)   vs  Joe Schick  135 lbs  (1-2)

Schick is fighting at 135lbs for the first time.  The former wrestler comes out and scores a double leg takedown right away.  Disonell did land an elbow that has caused swelling to the right eye of Schick. 1 point deduction as the elbow was deemed illegal by Disonell

Round 2…Schick’s eye is closed. He scores another takedown. After Disonell escapes he throws a knee and  the athletic commission is using instant replay to decide if an illegal knee was landed by Disonell. No point deduction and the action is resumed.  Mostly clenching as we go to round 3

Lots of clenching battling for position.  Not mush action.  Referee Gasper Oliver separates fighters. Fight is going to the judges…

28-28 29-27 29-27 for the winner Joe Schick



ROC welterweight championship…. Krysztof Kulak 168.75 lbs (31-15-2)  vs  Sidney Outlaw (defending champ) 171 lbs  (10-3)

Outlaw scores an early takedown. Into half guard and Outlaw is landing some ground and pound. Back to the feet.

Outlaw comes out in round 2 with another take down and continues working his bjj.  Grabs an arm and secures an armbar and wins by tapout at 1:46 of round 2



ROC bantamweight championship….Louis ” GoodNight” Gaudinot 134.75 lbs  (8-4) vs Phil “the Hitman” Caracappa (defending champ) 136 lbs  (6-0)

Caracappa comes out aggressive and landing.  Secures a takedown and some nasty ground and pound.  Back to the feet.  Caracappa rocks him with a right.  Dominant thus far.  Gaudinot is holding on as Caracappa is on top. Could be a 10-8 round.  Caracappa was all over Louis.

More of the same in second round.  All Caracappa on the feet and scores a couple of takedowns.

Round 3 was back and forth and Caracappa had to escape a tight guillotine.  Crowd on it’s feet and going wild. Gaudinot spending much of the round on top but not doing much damage. He’s going to need a finish.

As  the final bell sounds, the place is bedlam.  Going to the judges scorecards and the results are all for the Hitman..29-28 29-28 29-27 as Caracappa remains undefeated and retains his belt.  Ring announcer Peter Neglia declares this fight one of the best in the history of Ring of Combat.




ROC featherweight championship….Scott “the Animal” Heckman  145 lbs (27-8)  vs  Bill ” Senor Perfecto” Algeo (defending champ) 145 lbs (10-3)

Heckman scores a takedown right away.  Algeo back to his feet.  Another Heckman takedown.  Back to the feet again.  Algeo scoring in the clench with punches to the side of the head. A lot of clenching going on.  Back to feet.  Algeo rocks Heckman with a left.  Great first round. Heckman may have won this round with multiple takedowns but did not do much damage however he controlled most of the round’s positioning.

round 2…Clenching up on the cage.  Heckman trying for a double leg.  Good defense by Algeo.  Scorers with some elbows cutting Heckman over his right eye.  Algeo scoring in the stand-up.  Holy Shit!!! Algeo with a jumping switch kick which knocks out Heckman at 3:24 of round 2





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