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Rizin 29 postponement details announced

Yogibo presents Rizin 29 at the Maruzen Intec Arena now goes down on June 27th. Earlier today, May 12th, Rizin CEO Nobuyuki Sakakibara held a press conference and announced this news regarding the Rizin 29 postponement.

Sakakibara has been quite busy with press announcements lately as Rizin FF has two cards looming this summer.

CEO Sakakibara announces that the Yogibo presents Rizin 29 Osaka event, which was scheduled to be held on May 30th (Sunday), now takes place towards the end of June.

After officially announcing the postponement, CEO Nobuyuki Sakakibara stated the following, “I have made the decision to postpone the event after consulting with the fighters, staff and organizers. Everyone was willing to adapt and put on a show for the fans a month later.”

In addition, CEO Sakakibara noted that pushing the event back to accommodate fans and safety measures was very important, “It has been nearly a year with reduced attendance, but the fans presence and support is what pushes the fighters to put on the best shows.”

Rizin 29 postponement

The following list illustrates the confirmed bouts for Rizin 29 on June 27th (as of this writing)

Kintaro vs Kuya Ito – 61kg MMA Rules (RIZIN Bantamweight GP opening round)

Takafumi Otsuka vs Shian – 61kg MMA Rules (RIZIN Bantamweight GP opening round)

Kazuma Kuramoto vs Alan Hiro Yamaniha – 61kg MMA Rules (RIZIN Bantamweight GP opening round)

Kenta Takizawa vs Kazunari Imanari – 61kg MMA Rules (RIZIN Bantamweight GP opening round)

Yusuke Yachi vs Yuki Kawana – 71kg MMA Rules (Elbows allowed)

Rikuto Shirakawa vs Jin Aoi – 66kg MMA Rules (Elbows allowed)

[4 man kickboxing tournament]

Kouzi vs Genji Umeno

Taiju Shiratori vs Ryo Takahashi

Rizin 29 streams live on SkyperfectTV, and also via Rizin Live pay per view with Japanese commentary. The English commentary stream goes via LiveNow and broadcasts on that platform live along with the show.

For those attending live, doors open at 1:00 PM with the Opening Ceremony at 3:00 PM.

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