Rizin 32

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Rizin 32 press conference quotes (Rena, Yamamoto, and more)

Rizin 32 transpires at the Okinawa Arena on November 20th. Super Atomweight title challengers Rena Kubota and Miyuu Yamamoto test skills in an intriguing sequel. A high-stakes affair that could possibly inform who will become a future contender for the highly coveted Rizin championship hardware.

Rizin 32 will broadcast on SkyperfectTV and goes down on international PPV with English commentary via LIVE Now. 

Below are a multitude of combatant quotes as we head into this martial arts extravaganza.

Rizin 32


“It’s been about a year since my last fight but I’ve been training hard and my confidence is growing. I feel that this rematch was destined to happen here, in Okinawa where it  means so much for both of us. This fight will determine the direction of my final stretch of my career so I plan on a good performance not giving Miyuu a successful revenge.” 

Miyuu Yamamoto 

“Okinawa is a very special place for me, a place where I started my MMA career with KID and Erson. I have many people here in Okinawa who I am proud to call family and I want to put a smile on their face. I think I’ve gotten much better than 5 years ago so I will get that revenge.” 

Mitsuhisa Sunabe 

“I made my professional debut 20 years ago. Fought PANCRASE fights in Okinawa and won 3 belts in the organization. I am here to finish off my accomplishments of fighting in the biggest organization in Japan, here in Okinawa. Yoshiro Maeda is a fighter who deserves respect and recognition. We’ve both fought in PANCRASE and plan to show you a fight where only we can show.” 

Yoshiro Maeda 

“Sunabe and I fought when we first started, which was about 20 years ago, and now fighting him again after all these years makes me very excited. This fight will be a grand sum of my career. I will beat Sunabe and return to Osaka with a smile.” 

Tomohiro Adaniya 

“I’m very excited and honored to be fighting in RIZIN here in my home town Okinawa. Miyagi is one of the fighters who represent Okinawa and I’ve trained with him a few times but once in the ring all of that won’t matter, I will beat him up with respect.” 

Rizin Fighting Federation

Yuichi Miyagi 

“I’ve been fighting professionally for about 20 years, and now that I’m sitting here, I’m glad I have continued this long. I will throw everything at Adaniya to show what I’ve worked on all these years.” 


“I started my own restaurant in Osaka so please come visit. Will send this half rich dumbass back to where he came from. I don’t know who he borrowed that watch from but he’s got to do better to own his own watch.” 

Kazuma Sone 

“I was supposed to fight Kouzi way back. But he refused to fight me. I know he’s started his own business lately, but I’m already beating him as an entrepreneur, and I plan to beat him in his own sport. I will send him to retirement without a win in RIZIN.” 


“Oss. I’m grateful to be back here in RIZIN. My regrets from my last fight are 1, that I didn’t win and 2, I didn’t receive my winner’s Yogibo cushion. I am here to take what’s mine. The day of the fight I will show everybody the oss. oss.” 

Daryl Lokoku 

“GRACHAN fighters have not been doing so great in RIZIN. I am here to make a difference. ” 


“I’m stoked that I can fight in Okinawa. I don’t care who my opponent is, I will finish the fight and put on a show for my hometown fans.” 

Aira Koga 

“I have been practicing Japanese Kempo since I was 5 years old. My goal is to become a world champion one day, and this fight in RIZIN is a great opportunity. I will show that I’m hungry and I want this win!” 

Rizin FF

Bobby Ologun 

“I just found out who my opponent is. This guy is huge. Gagakibara got me a crazy opponent. When I fought bigger guys back in the day I had no idea what I was getting into. But hey, let’s see who’s got fake muscles in this fight.” 

Katsuya Kitamura 

“I know Bobby is playing an act. He’s smart and everything is planned. With that being said, I will not take him lightly and show you a heavyweight fight.” 

Katsumi Miyagi 

“I did not expect RIZIN to do an event in Okinawa but I am very grateful to have gotten the offer to compete. I will put on a show for all of the fans!.” 

Lopez Satsuma 

“I have returned to the ring at 46 years old, I plan to inspire all the old men sitting on their couches watching this fight. Oss.” 

Haruo Ochi 

“I’m extremely motivated to be fighting in RIZIN again. I know I am fighting a local fighter so this will be an away environment but I plan to disappoint everybody who is there to cheer for my opponent.” 

Rizin 32

Tatsuya So 

“I’m honored to be fighting such a great opponent on such a great stage. I plan to soccerball kick Ochi in the face and call out Sunabe, who has been dodging me for 7 years.” 

Kohei Tokeshi 

”I grew up here in Okinawa in a not so good neighborhood, moved to Tokyo and i’m back again because RIZIN is here. I think I’m the only one who can show a wild fight on this card. Look forward to my fight.” 

Juri Ohara 

“I’ve won some fights after my win against Yachi and I do believe I have earned myself another shot in RIZIN. I promise to put on a fight the fans want to see.” 

Tanner Loureco 

“I plan to put on an exciting performance especially because I’m a non Japanese fighter.” 

Shinya Kumasawa 

“I will step into the ring as a true martial artist and show everybody the true strength of one.”

Confirmed Bouts for Rizin 32 in Okinawa, November 20th 

Rena Kubota vs Miyuu Yamamoto – 50kg MMA Rules 

Nissei vs Aira Koga – 49kg MMA Rules 

Tomohiro Adaniya vs Yuichi Miyagi – 52kg MMA Rules 

Haruo Ochi vs Tatsuya So – 57kg MMA Rules 

Yoshiro Maeda vs Mitsuhisa Sunabe – 58.5kg MMA Rules 

Kouzi vs Kazuma Sone – 62kg Kickboxing Rules 

Beynoah vs Daryl Lokoku – 72kg MMA Rules 

Juri Ohara vs Kohei Tokeji – 72kg MMA Rules 

Hirokatsu Miyagi vs Lopez Tsatsuma – 73kg Kickboxing Rules 

Shinya Kumasawa vs Tanner Lourenco – 74.0kg MMA Rules 

Bobby Ologun vs Katsuya Kitamura – 120kg MMA Rules 

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