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Should Holly Holm Retire?

Holly Holm had a rough outing at UFC 300 as Kayla Harrison dominated Holm for an easy second round submission victory.


Following the fight, Holm did release a statement on her Instagram account in which she left no excuses.

“I just know I’m capable of more than that,” Holm said. “I’m one of those that likes to self-reflect rather than run from things. I think honesty with yourself can sometimes be the hardest thing. But I’m healthy, my heart hurts, my ego hurts.

“But I just wanted to say thank you to all the fans that have always stood by my side and of course, my team, my coaches, my family, my friends. Much love to everybody, I appreciate you and I’ll be back.”

While Holm is always a classic act in victory or defeat, you have to ask what’s next and is retirement the next move?

In the this article and in the video above, we’ll breakdown why retirement should be the next move for the former champion.

UFC President Dana White – Wants Holly Holm to retire.

The boss has spoken and he was very forward about Holm’s future when he was asked about her fight at his press conference.

“I would love to see Holly retire,” White said at the UFC 300 post-fight press conference.

White typically has good sense when its time for a fighter to hang it up so and it looks like boss is getting ready to have a future conversation with one of his former top marketable fighters.

Age isn’t on the side of Holly Holm

Holm turns 43 this year.

Right now at 42-year-old, she is coming off back-to-back bad performances and if that wasn’t bad enough, you have to ask how does Holm get back towards the top?

Father time isn’t on her side, she needs to win a few fights and she’ll have to do it quickly. Cards are really stacked against her here.

It’s 2024

Remember when Holm shocked the world and upset Ronda Rousey? Yes. Great moment.

How about the time she should have beaten Miesha Tate, but losses a heartbreaker in the last round? Yes. Felt awful for Holm, who should have won.

What about the time she got ripped off against Germaine de Randamie? Yes. Another heartbreaker.

Oh, what about the close decision loss to Cris Cyborg and the knockout loss to Amanda Nunes? Yes. Again, can Holm catch a break?

Here’s the issue with all that. That came between 2016 and 2019. Those performances are now far removed from what we just saw at UFC 300.

Overall Thought

Holm was a great representative of the sport and you can make an argument for a future UFC Hall of Fame induction.

She helped jump start women’s MMA following her hall of fame boxing career and a great kickboxing career.

If Holm wants to keep going, yes she’s earned it, but why keep going?

Holm has nothing left to prove. It’s time to celebrate the great times as she’s one of the best martial artist to ever do it. So many accomplishes throughout so many forms of combat.

There really isn’t a senecio where she make a run towards a title shot so why keep going?

I hope it’s the end. If not, then so be it. At the end of today, its her decision, but I hope she goes out with all of the great memories from her great career.

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John Eric Poli