The Real Tarzann on Vitor Belfort boxing bout and MMA goals

The Real Tarzann on Vitor Belfort boxing bout and MMA goals

The Real Tarzann aka Mike Holston will take on MMA legend Vitor Belfort in The Phenom‘s sophomore pro boxing bout.

This transpires on the undercard of the next Triller Fight Club event on June 19th in Miami, Florida at loanDepot park. The marquee is topped by unified champion Teofimo Lopez vs George Kambosos Jr for the undisputed lightweight championship of the world.

Triller hosted a media day on June 7th with The Real Tarzann and Vitor Belfort ahead of this boxing contest. I spoke with Mike Holston about the long-term plans for his combat career and The Real Tarzann’s desire to take an MMA fight someday.

The Real Tarzann

The way you’re talking about this, I feel like I almost know the answer but thought the posit it all the same. I’m kind of curious what the overall combative arc looks like here.

Is this like a try it out, bucket list, see how it feels kind of situation or is there a desire to go on a multi-fight run?

“Oh no, for sure a multi-fight run. I’m not going to come in here like these guys, take a dive for some money, or whatever the case may be. Coming in to fight. I’m coming in and challenging myself. I’m a man, you know. So at the end of the day, I’m down to go out on my shield. This is not a walk in the park for me. Not something I want to try. This is something I’m all in on. I’m 10 toes down on what I do and what I stand for, you know.”

“Something needs to change in my world for animals.  I feel hopping into combat sports, raising some money for charity all around the world in different conservation efforts, this is one of the ways to go. I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve. This is just one of them. A lot of people that do know me, know I go 110% every single day. So, this is not just a one-and-done. Oh, I’ll try it and see how it goes. No, I’m in here.”

The Real Tarzann in MMA?

Yeah for sure and like I said, I kind of got that sense anyway but thought to posit it all the same.

And just a quick follow-up, it seems like the familiarity exists with the MMA space. Is there also the desire to take a mixed martial arts fight as well or just solely boxing more so?

“Yeah. Hell yeah, man. That’s what I really wanted to do was MMA. I talked to Triller, I was like ‘hey man, when’s your first cage match. I want to hop in there and fight in a cage, you know’. And they said it was coming pretty soon. So hopefully, whenever they do launch that I’ll be able to hop on that card and get some scraps in. That’s what I really like. Boxing’s a fight, but you know a cage fight is definitely probably where I can do a whole lot better at. But for now, I’m focused on boxing. Until they open those doors.”

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