Most Beautiful Woman, Most Beautiful Woman In The World

The Search For the Most Beautiful Woman In the World Starts Today

Lingerie Fighting Championships is participating in a brand new reality series called Goddess Among Us: The Search for the Most Beautiful Woman In the World.

“LFC is proud to be part of, as both a sponsor and co-producer (as LFC Films),” a press release stated.

Film crews will travel to the furthest corners of the world in search of true beauty – beautiful scenery, beautiful cultures and, most of all, beautiful women. And you can be part of it by helping us pick the 24 finalists who will compete for the $100,00 grand prize.

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Each continent (excluding Antarctica) will be represented, with 4 finalists coming from each (24 total). The first half of the series will feature the contestants in their own countries and introduce the audience to the local culture, cuisine and hot spots. The most beautiful woman in the world may not be an Instagram model from California. She may be a doctor in Nigeria or a teacher in the Philippines or a single mother in Romania. Or even a LFC fighter, like Bella Ink.

Beauty isn’t only how someone looks, but how they act and interact with the world around them.

“We will meet the contestants in their hometowns and see how they interact with family, friends and the communities they live in,” the release said.

Each contestant won’t only be competing for themselves – the winner’s community will receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and community improvements.

Lingerie Fighting Championships (LFC) is an American Mixed Martial Arts promotion founded in 2013 by Shaun Donnelly. It’s a very unique MMA league in which beautiful women fight wearing nothing but lingerie.

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