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Tom Lawlor and Cezar Ferreira PFL 5 quotes

PFL 5 takes place on Thursday, June 17th and it all goes down live at Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey. I spoke with Filthy Tom Lawlor and Mutante Cezar Ferreira at the PFL media day prior to their respective prizefights.

Tom Lawlor and Cezar Ferreira

Tom Lawlor takes on Jordan Young in a light heavyweight bout as part of PFL’s 2021 regular season.

Also, Cezar Ferreira tests skills with Chris Camozzi in another consequential clash at 205 pounds.

Tom Lawlor

Hey there, Tom. Just first off wanted to congratulate you on that successful NJPW Strong Openweight championship defense.

“Yeah, thank you. Hope you enjoyed it. If you watched it. If not, then just pretend you did.”

No, definitely checked it out man. I’m a fan of some new Japan for sure. But I’m kind of wondering what will bring you a greater magnitude of joy; Getting a PFL victory here or that video you watched with Bryan Alvarez of the mummy’s vocal cords getting activated?

Tom Lawlor said, “(laughs) You know I hate to say it, especially when there’s PFL staff in here. But there’s very few things that bring me joy like the recreated mummy voice from CBS News does. I’m sure nobody else has any clue what you’re talking about. But, you know, apparently, CBS or some archaeologists spent millions upon millions of dollars to dig up the tomb of a pharaoh or somebody from Egypt, whose dying wish was to speak in the afterlife. And they recreated his voice box and vocals, and I’ll do a quick impression of what it was. Ugghhhhh. There you go.”

Cezar Ferreira

I was just curious because you were talking about how important that mentorship of Vitor Belfort was to your career.

Can you get more into the specifics of that? How did Vitor mentor you and get you to that proverbial next level?

“Yeah, Vitor Belfort. He’s a guy that… he’s a part of my family today. And he is the guy that helped me accomplish everything I’ve accomplished in my career. I was always very poor. I remember when I was a kid, like I was 17 years old when I met with Vitor, I had no money to pay for the bus. To pay for food, you know. He was the one that saw ‘oh this kid, he’s talented. He has a gift’. So, you know, he helped me in so many ways, brother. So many ways. I’m so thankful for Vitor. Thankful for God to put the right people on my way.”

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