Kayla Harrison

Tony Martin and Kayla Harrison

UFC fighter Tony Martin shares his thoughts on why girlfriend Kayla Harrison is the future of Women’s MMA

Two-time Judo Olympic gold medalist Kayla Harrison competes tonight in MMA for the second time at PFL 6. She was victorious in her debut against Brittney Elkin, winning by armbar in the first round. She gets a step up in competition against Jozette Cotton who is 8-1.

Harrison is dating UFC fighter Tony Martin; I spoke with Martin about his upcoming fight against Ryan LaFlare at UFC 229 on October 6 but he made sure to include his feelings known on why he believes Harrison is the future of the women’s MMA:

“Kayla fights tomorrow (today), so you’re going to see the true future of the women’s division again.”

“Me and her click so well is that, her goal is never to be an MMA fighter. Her goal, most of these girl’s goals are to fight Cyborg, “oh I want to fight Cyborg.” They pretty much, that’s their thing, I want to say I fought Cyborg. These girls really don’t go out there to beat Cyborg. Holly Holm after their fight, someone asked her “do you think it’s a little win to go five rounds with Cyborg?” And she literally did. She was like” I thought I did pretty good, you know I am pretty happy about” …No listen, that’s the wrong mindset, if you’re not going out to every fight to win it, you might as well not go out there. That’s kinda why I love her and we click so well is that her mindset is to always be the best in the world no matter what she’s doing, where she’s doing it.”

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Doug Geller